Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Window at Kahana

Thirty pilots congregated on a rare brisk and chilly tradewind day at Kahana on Saturday. Many hiked up but opted to hike back down because of the strong conditions. Twenty of us managed to get airborne, although only seventeen touched down on dry land. There are lessons to be learned from each of the splashdown incidents, but this story is a commemoration of the positive milestones of the day.

Five-0 Mike scored a sweet first foray back into the air after his knee replacement. Joey was excited to get a first flight after returning from his cold trip to Washington state. Lake got a nice first flight after just getting back from his trip to Arkansas. Maui Doug, Thom and I flew to Pounders for the first decent XC flight we've had in fricking forever. Kauai Joe got signed off for his P2 by Scrappy. Three first-time visitors enjoyed the spicy flavor of Kahana's charms: Vancouver Joe, Kauai Joe, and Frenchy Yann. Returning Canadian visitor Lee was happy to score another Kahana flight, his first on this trip.

Thanks to Lake and Jim for the rides back from Pounders. Thanks to Ces for the salsa.

Roll call: Jayson, Natalie, Kaaawa Larry, me, Lee, Lars, Ginny, Sharky, Lake, 5-0 Mike, Jim, Berndt, Bonnie, Vancouver Joe, Kauai Joe, Steve, Scrappy, Maui Doug, Thom, Gary, Laurel, Brent, Reaper, Frenchy Yann, Skydive Johnny, Duck, Mike Yi, and possibly Derek, and surely a few others as well.


Anonymous said...

Great recap of Saturday Alex. I would like to add a correction to the post. I only had the left knee replaced not double knees. The right knee is still good and undamaged. 5-0 Mike

Thom said...

I was one of the splashers. But seriously we should not be joking about crashing in the water. Unlike seats on a plane, ours can not be used as a floatation device.

In fact it is quite the opposite. The pod harness fills very quickly and pulls you under. There were a few surfers pushing their boards that stood and picked me up. Lines were wrapped around my legs and the pod was a boat anchor.

Had they not been there or this happened further from shore I may have lost more than my electronics and pride.

A slight miss judgement and I plopped in. We got to work on this and really cut it out before we loose someone.

Come on we have had way too many splashes this year and its only January. It's not funny, its dangerous. Think before you pick an LZ that might be out of your pay grade, flying when your tired, hungry or anything that may cloud your judgement.

You are the pilot in charge.

It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go, Land Safely!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your Splash turned out ok , Tom . Give me a year of these windlines posts to heal from my splash on earth and I might be up again to learn from you all. Aloha thebeeman .[]