Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breezy Bay Crossing

At least fifteen pilots flocked to Kahana throughout the day yesterday, and most of them got nice long flights in brisk chilly north conditions. Visitor Phil Green scored a bay crossing and landed at Kualoa. Thom and I ran up the hill soon after that, and made it to Kualoa as well.

It wasn't easy - it was strong and north like the day before. I used to think it wasn't possible to cross on these stronger days, but I guess we're learning that anything is possible!

While over Kualoa I could hear Frank, Jetflap and Tim on the radio from Makapuu. Thom landed down there, and I opted to fly back and try my luck with the tiny shrunken LZ at Kahana.

It was great to see so many pilots grabbing some airtime. Thanks to Jim for the grape juice!

Roll call: Frosty, Bonnie, Andrew, NShore Brian, Bay Area Pat, Jorge, Dave, Lake, Woody, Phil Green, me, Thom, Jim, Duck, SB Chris.

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Thom said...

If you read this and flew at Makapuu, it was easy please follow suit these are not just stories and credits but the history of our flying.

Its Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go, then just write down that you did. It ain't hard.

PS Alex will always make your stories look good if you want him too!

Thanks for the Roll Call Re-cap Alex.

Gotta get those darn Makapuuians to jot down there tales.

JJ Jameson.