Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maiden Voyage

At least a dozen pilots found their way to Kahana on Thursday, to take advantage of a third consecutive day of good flying conditions. Woody unveiled his new baby, a Gradient Aspen 4, the same wing that Joey is now flying. We tried to cross the bay a few times but it just wasn't working. Then Maui Doug joined us and led the way downrange, so we followed him and hopped a few ridges, aiming for Pounders. But a big black cloud scared us out of the air at Hauula instead. Thanks to Harvey for the retrieve! Roll call: Woody, me, Gaza, Doug, Thom, Flystrong, SB Chris, Frosty, Andrew, Jim, Harvey, Lake.


Thom said...

I hate to be greedy, but I wish every day was like that day or better. I want the old days back when you could get up and go to sleep. but for now I will take what I get and hope for the same tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love the chickens at the begining of your Video ,and ofcource the beautiful footage of you folks flying . Hope soon to be rehabbed enough to retrain w/Ray and get out of this earth-bound position . Thanks for all the great pic.s and videos !!

Waianae Jim said...

Pics of Flystrong I took that day are here: