Monday, March 05, 2012

Eye of the Storm

Yesterday's event at Makapuu was unexpectedly successful. All week long, the weekend forecasts had grown successively more vague and more ominous, and we really just rolled the dice to choose Makapuu for our venue at the very last minute. But what a lucky dice roll that was. We were all very pleasantly surprised to find the weather favoring us with a flyable day out there, while the rest of the island continued to get pounded by rain. Over a dozen pilots flew, all from the Juice launch, in brisk easterly conditions, and over fifty of us celebrated at the LZ throughout the day.

Thanks to Bill and Tim for organizing the photo shoot, and to Sharky for the last minute banner printing. Thanks to everyone who made it out for the photo shoot and the meeting. And thanks for pulling that party together at the last minute! Thanks to Ginny and Ces for their dueling salsa contributions. Thanks to Duck for the chili verde. Thanks to everyone who provided food and cold beverages, and to Jim for the excellent grape juice. It was great to see so many students out there (Mike M, Allegra, John M, Chris), and to meet our newest Oahu pilot, Will. And it was fun to celebrate with so many visitors (Canadians Charlie, Cornell and Dennis, Alaskan Gerry, and Washingtonians CJ and George).

Roll call: Scrappy, Maui, Harvey, Joey, Dave, Frank (with Linda and the dog), BC Charlie, BC Cornell, Tommy, Five-0 Mike (and Ces), Maui Aaron, Pete (with Annette, Tyler and Kui), Lake, Allegra (and her huge dog), Alex, Duck (and Ginger), Steve (and friend), Bonnie, Will (and friends), Chris (and family), Ray (with Noell, Liliana and Blanca), Mike M, Ginny (and Allen), Rich, John M, Cliff, Sharky, Alaska Gerry, BC Dennis, Thom (with Donna and Maile), Kevin (with Heather and Sarah), Nick, Larry (and granddaughter), Brent, Ken (and Karen), Scot, Andrew (and Maddie), Jeff, Jim, Gary, Laurel, Bill, Jack, Allan (and Hadley), HG Kenny, Mike Y … and others I've surely overlooked.


Thom said...

Also on Roll Call after you left:
SkyDive Mike flew and got certification!!!! Congrats.

AllanC and Hadley showed up to say, HI.

HangGlider Kenny, who has been moonlighting to become a PG, was also present.

Reaper's new mentoree, Tyler, son of Annette was also present.

Larry Mac was also present and re-upped his HPA membership, so we are planning to see you out there, when ever that may be.

Thom said...

Nobody put up Missing in Action List so I will start it.
Don Ikenberry
Sandy June Akers
John Russell
Chris "Mad Dog" Pliska
"Kaaawa" Larry Williams
Travis Kean
Jorge Atramiz
"Hilo" Ken Bellisle
Robert "Woody" Edwards
Jonathan "JK" Smith

I believe these were all that weren't present for picture or for meeting and were not mentioned in above roll calls.