Saturday, March 03, 2012

Meeting and Party: Sunday, March 4

One last update: Meeting will be at Makapuu Lookout. Please try to be there a bit before 10:00 am, so we can get organized for the photo. See you all out there!

Update: CJ and her husband George made last minute plans to come over here in person to meet all of us, and possibly even fly one or two days if the weather improves. They are here now and staying with Duck and Ginger in Hauula. 

Okay, just in case someone on the planet has not heard: we were designated Chapter of the Year for 2011. One of HPG Magazine's featured writers (and former editor), CJ Sturtevant, is doing a writeup of our club to start a series focusing on chapters. She has met several of us over the years at the Rat Race, and she has requested a group picture for her article.

Date: March 4, 2012. Yes, it is a Sunday. We will need all Flying Monkeys (past, present and future), along with families and pets. Also, all visitors that are in town should attend - you're why we got selected!

Time: 10:00 am. So we can get a group picture in the morning light. Everyone that is on the island MUST attend. Please wear an HPA shirt or some type of Hawaii shirt. Maybe we should all wear Aloha Shirts. Please chirp in on the comments.

Where: Well, this is the tricky part. Hopefully by March 4th we will have some flyable weather. So we are going to leave the location to the last minute. Makapuu - Cactus launch or the lookout for the picture. Kahana - East or North launch for the picture.

Meeting: Right after the picture. Hopefully around 10:30. Lunch to follow, dogs and burgers on the grill, or whatever else people want to throw on there. Please chirp in on the comments to let folks know what you're bringing.

Flying: Right after lunch. Or if it is that good, feel free to skip lunch and get we'll get our butts back up the hill.

This will be the first meeting of the year. If you didn't get a chance to fill out an HPA waiver and pay your $20 dues at the last meeting in November, you are hereby officially reminded. The same goes for your USHPA membership - be sure and renew if you haven't already. Thanks for your cooperation.


Anonymous said...

The picture that flystrong took at Doug and Shelly's wedding was great. Maybe we should look at that concept.

Bill said...

A flash mob fly-in, I love it!
Somebody order up some blue skies for the pic.

Gravity said...

I have big ladders Bill, make a clamp on mount for the tubing.

My suggestion would be Makapuu lookout as you can see the MPU cliffs as well as the ocean behind it. Very dramatic. We can also stack alot of humans on the rocks and rails there!

Free beer to anyone wearing a Gravity hat or t-shirt in the pic... Hehe

firedave2 said...

That might be funny, 30 gliders in tight formation at Kahana, no helmets please.

Thom said...


CJ has decided that she needs to see for herself why we are such a good club. She arrives tonight with husband George and will be here for a week.

All you Monkeys behave yourself and for some of you that means not like yourself. We will need everyone's help to insure that she has a great time. She will want to interview as many as she can.

John & Ginger will be graciously hosting them with a few days at HPA HeadQuarters and possibly a few other Monkey domains.

Ginny will need you to do your weather dance, chant or whatever you do to get us some flyable conditions, not the Alaskan stuff.

Reaper, she may also want to see a training session. Maybe show the transition for 'Dope on a Rope' to another 'Monkey in the Barrel'.

Flystrong, Flash, Jorge and you Iphoners; pictures, pictures, pictures and published immediately.

Lets Get to Work Monkeys. That's all for now.

J. Jonah Jameson

Travis said...

Of all times to be stuck overseas! I'll be there in spirit!

firedave2 said...

I can just see CJ in the office," I need to go spend a week in Hawaii to investigate this USHPA. chapter, Mai Tai please".