Saturday, March 03, 2012

Spicy Koko

In contrast to the interminable grey and rainy conditions down the windward coast, Koko Crater was sunny and sweet today, and it was flyable for the second day in a row, though a bit on the brisk side. At least twenty pilots came out, and at least ten of them flew, with all or most of them airborne together. We created quite a scenic spectacle up there.

The highlight of the day was Pete and Bonnie switching wings. That sounds crazy, but actually Pete had brought his mini-wing up to launch, and Bonnie flew that one, while Pete flew Bonnie's usual XS wing. So both of them were in smaller wings than usual. Bonnie had some very amusing launch escapades, and fortunately for the rest of us, they were filmed from several entertaining angles.

Roll call: Maui Doug, BC Charlie, BC Cornell, Lake, Pete (and Annette and Tyler), Bonnie, Joey, George, Duck (and Ginger), me, Five-0 Mike (and Ces), BC Dennis, CJ, Sharky, Bill, Ginny (and son), Mike M, Tommy (and Serena), Ray (and Noell and Liliana and Blanca), Jim, Brent, Frank … and anyone else I might be forgetting.


Anonymous said...

I just loved your launch ! Pursistance paid off ! Aloha thebeeman

Anonymous said...

What agreat dog ! So faithfully close thru the whole hike (which I'm sure in his mind ,he was leading the whole way) !! Nice spot too! Thanks for the view . thebeeman

Bon Bon said...

I never stop laughing watching this. ...gets me every time! haha