Monday, April 16, 2012

Clouds and Shadows

At least twenty pilots converged on Kahana for a long, fun, busy Sunday of bay crossing runs, cloud surfing, top landing, decorative descents, tree soaring, and volleyball net dodging. It was great to share the air with visitors from San Diego, Telluride, and Saskatchewan!

The day began with light to moderate trades and gorgeous tall puffy cloud formations, relatively sparse with low bases, but the wind got progressively stronger throughout the day, and the clouds got damper and thicker. By the end of the day it was quite breezy and cloudy.

Thanks to Five-0 and Jim for the beverages!

Roll call: Jim, Brian, San Diego Tom, me, Duck, Thom, Telluride Conrad, Harvey, Saskatchewan Pavan, Bill, Joey, Ray, Doug, Five-0 Mike, Ginny, Jeff, Lake, Bonnie, Pete, and Sharky.


Thom said...

Well it was a pretty good day for me overall, and I have docked my salary for not writing it up.

I was packing my truck for an all day KNA when I got a call from ike. He was heading to MPU cause that is all he had time for.

It was brisk, but I couldn't let ike fly alone. Just ike, me and then Frankie of course showed up.

After an hour at MPU I headed to KNA, First flight was just ok with radio troubles then 2nd flight I had to wait out the squall and got to fly with the Birthday Boy of the Day, Maui Doug.

Nothing spectacular, but 3 flights, so just couldn't get any ink going.

Thanks for the log Alex and I want that last picture......your Iphone is giving FlyStrong some competition!!!!!

Oh, special note: Not sure if everyone saw the graffiti on the bridge column "hi, I am bob, you can call me bob" I hope it makes till his birthday.

May the wind gods bless us with more flyable days.

Bill said...

Nice cloud shots! How do you get them to look so good? I haven't been able to achieve your level of contrast/definition...

Bon Bon said...

JJ - 3 flights and no ink? Wow. Epic fail. Nice job, though.

Alex, sick pics! :)