Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kahana Cloudscapes

A dozen pilots flew Kahana in light thermic conditions yesterday, enjoying many toplandings, hours of cloud surfing, thermal rocket rides, and four nice cross country flights. It was super light and scratchy down low, but punchy and rowdy up high, with wispy tendrils of mist forming all around us and below us.

We could hear Jim, Jeff, Frank and Big Mike on the radio at Makapuu.

Duck and I took visitor Tom from San Diego on a little downrange tour, and we got a chance to experience the thermic power of the Owens Valley of the Koolaus - of course I am referring to Punaluu. That place rocked our socks off today! Duck landed at Hauula just in time for his chiropractor appointment, and Tom and I flew over to Sucker Hill behind Pounders before doubling back to join Duck at Hauula. Thanks to Ginger for the quick retrieve!

There were several rounds of flights throughout the day, and in the hour before sunset, as the flow turned more north, Joey flew across the bay and got up over there for the last cross country mission of the day.

Berndt and SD Tom scrambled off to Makapuu after their Kahana flights were done, in hopes of a double header. Hope that worked out for them!

Roll call: Berndt, SD Tom, Duck, Kevin, Scrappy, Joey, Bill, Sharky, Bonnie, Lake, Harvey, me.

Happy Birthday to Jim!


thomaskeefer said...

Thanks, Alex, for the tour! That was a great flight - Berndt and I met up with Aaron and launched Manic's and had some more fun at MPU. Hopefully I will see you today.

Thom said...

Thanks for the log here's the MPU Log of Fliers as best I can remember.

B-Day Boy One-Eye
Jorge w/Ashley
Scot on the Slide
Hangies Dave Leo and Not sure
Ginny and 5-0 on LZ
Pretty sure that is the list that flew.

Thom said...

Oh shoot
as I was leaving

Berndt and SDTom showed up
to do some double dipping after flying KNA on first shift.

Duck said...

As always, awesome flight Alex! Had a real fun time! Working on the video today.

Was great meeting and flying with you Tom.