Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3rd Annual Bob Johnson Birthday Camp-Out and Fly-In

Another big party for the Oahu flying monkeys: we will be hosting the Third Annual Bob Johnson Birthday Party and Flying Festival from May 11 to May 13, at Kahana Bay. In celebration of Bob's life, we are hereby inviting all pilots and friends to join us for our third year of birthday flying festivities.

We will be camping at Kahana from Friday, May 11 to Sunday, May 13. We want to try and reserve all the sites. Please post in the comments which one you were able to get. This will be an all family weekend - we will have kayaks, surfboards, boogie boards, bocce balls and many other activities for both pilots and non-fliers. Everyone is encouraged to come and join the fun during the weekend!

Here is the schedule, weather permitting:

Friday May 11: set up camp, starting at 12 noon, and do some flying.

Friday night: meeting to finalize events for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, May 12, 10:00 am - 11:00 am: quarterly HPA meeting.

Saturday, noon: get in the air - events to be determined.

Sunday: more of the same!

On Saturday we will be doing a flower drop. Please try to bring a bag of flower blossoms that can be dispersed from the air. Once we have as many pilots as possible in the air, the signal will be announced for the drop.

Memorial Post, 2009: A Big Farewell to the Gentle Giant
Report of 2010 event: Happy Birthday, Bob!
Report of 2011 event: Thanks, Bob!


Thom said...

Ok I have to be the first to chirp.

Hawaii Campsite web site is.


you must get in there and get it done starting April 11, 2012.

I will be chirping every day. 10 sites we need 10 monkeys to take on this job. I will get 1 so need 9 more.


Stalker said...

Tips for that web site: You need to create an account first (it's free).

Also, don't use Internet Explorer. Or, if you must, click the Compatibility Mode button (a little broken page icon next to your address bar), and if prompted, click the button to ALLOW mixed content (newer versions of IE you click No, older versions Yes).

This is my favorite club together. Can't wait! Bob always takes care of the weather, and the company can't be beat!


JD said...

LeeAnn and I will be there in spirit this year. Here is a video I made of the 2nd Annual Bob Johnson Fly-In. https://vimeo.com/40101218. Drink a bud for me.


Thom said...

Ok just watched McStalkers video, wow, it is still hard to believe. Great vid Jeff.

DaveZ said...

Thom I've been hoping to make it back soon and now I have a target weekend. Cheers.

Stalker said...

I've got campsite #9 for 5/11-5/13 (Fri noon to Sun noon, 2 nights)

DaveZ said...

FYI - I booked campsite #6.

Alex said...

I have campsite 1 for both nights.

Sharky said...

I have campsite #8 for Fri/Sat...

Thom said...

Ok Camp sites Taken
Sharky #8
Alex #1
Dave Z #6
Sidehill #5 Till Monday
Stalker #9
Kevin #2
Duck #4
Sandy #3
Joey #7

So that is 1-9 pity the poor bastard that got 10 if he aint a monkey

Anonymous said...

who's camp can I crash?


sandy said...

Ginny, you're welcome at mine! #3 near the cars, across from the better bathroom, etc :-), not far from the LZ!

I put down the Bylaardt's and Berndt as my guests, but can change that if they've got another spot.

Thom said...

Ginny your on my list any way but we are going to set up all over so no worries.