Monday, July 02, 2012

Flirting with Moist White Whispers

It was a Sunday filled with hopes and desires of slipping under the nylon for some forbidden play. Usually what happens between the white sheets stays with the sheets. But you all know me: I can't stop talking, so I am telling it all. I snuck away without telling my wife that I was heading north to get a little action. Upon arriving at the park I found that I was not alone: Alex, Joey and FlyStrong were also sniffing around for some bay play. [Warning: this post is rated PG-13 due to an overabundance of suggestive language. Youngsters may not read further unless accompanied by a parent or guardian!]

Alex never wastes any time: he always pulls the trigger fast, and soon he was soaring up to a climactic crescendo atop the white whispy sheets. I started my journey, but then I had to sit back on top to adjust my toy. A few quick twists and a turn and I was back in the chase, cavorting along one of my favorite slender green valleys. Joey's gal had been cheating on him in Oregon for the past week or so. He was willing to forgive her, but she had to give him one hell of ride to make up for it. (In a later post her true reasons for fulfillment will be revealed.) FlyStrong was babying his little chica: she was still new to the game and he was trying to be gentle. Oh, but soon the adrenaline was pumping, and they too were rolling in the sheets.

Now considering it was a Sunday, and also the number of cheating hearts within our secret society, it was fairly quiet. Only three of us were tempting fate by heading for that highest of highs. We were floating high indeed, and the moist white whispers caressed our faces as the nylon sheets pulled us to the heavens. I could hear others echoing my exclamations, "Oh, God, Oh God, this is great!"

Like all romances, there are different things we like and don't like, and sometimes we've just got to experiment. Three of us headed for a different stroke by rolling to the left. I started my approach low and got lower all the way. Alex and FlyStrong were still high above the sheets. Alex stopped at the next curve, but FlyStrong kept going till he hit the last cheek of a curve. He finished fast: new young things can do that to you. He finally went to put his feet back on the floor.

Alex was high on the next curve when I was slithering in under my nylon. I had to start at the foot and work my way up. It was a quivering ride with gyrations up towards the promised land, and then I dropped deeply towards the lush valleys below. My Jolie Fille, the French one, had just come back from extensive reconstruction, and she is in fine form now. Finally, my old heart couldn't take much more, and soon I had to land on my feet. [Editor's note: actually she is Swiss, but we get the idea!]

FlyStrong and I were at Hau'ula, wiping the sweat off our brows and packing away the evidence of our secret afternoon. Alex was still up there taking it hard, most likely giving his gal the dreaded talk. We could only imagine what he was telling her: "There's another woman coming into my life - oh, but you'll like her: you're kinda related." Finally, Alex came in, but he wasn't able to escape the telescoping lens of a tabloid paparazzo from NJ.  We are hoping to get those shots!

Weakened by our devilish escapades, we were delivered back to the park by Berndt and Roland. Of course we had to quench our slavering appetites with refreshing beverages, and discuss our lewd adventures in exaggerated detail. Meanwhile, off in the shadows of the park, we spied Chandler packing up some borrowed nylon with a lady friend. He had enjoyed a relaxing tandem adventure with a swimming/yoga gal. He was smiling and definitely not sharing his tale.

But this steamy tale does not end here. We ventured across the way to watch a beach scene. Scot had shown up with this new Pure little filly, and she was tempting Scot and Joey to cross the vast wet land to the forbidden lioness curves. A difficult task under nylon sheets but these two girls were demanding their best performances.

Scot actually had a kitchen pass from home, not sure what he told her, but we were betting it was not the Pure truth. Scot's new cheat is quite slender, and has a very unusual tattoo that she flaunts quite lasciviously. Where does he find these chicks? [On the internet, of course!]

I've mentioned that Joey's gal has been cheating on him. He is still not sure with whom. (Life is such a rat race.)  But she was being very vindictive and feisty today. We think she must have spotted her other beau in those whimsical sheets, and was going to show him what she could have done to him. She made Joey push hard and brought him to the promised land with its lush hidden valley. But she didn't stop there, and made him keep going.

Berndt, Roland, Joey, FlyStrong and I were watching this spectacle, and we felt like we had to keep putting quarters in the machine because we did not want to miss a moment of this scene. But the sight seemed to bother Alex for some reason. Why would this particular image of someone crossing the elusive wet expanse cause him to scowl? We figured it out: his gal said NO to him today when he tried going in that direction. Maybe that is why she will be put to pasture soon.

As we were leaving we caught of glimpse of Sawzall getting off, and we also heard that Bonnie got a solo session in a little later.

Oh what tangled webs we weave.

It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go!!! But always use protection....wear a helmet!


Thom said...

Thanks for the edits Alex, I had to do this so quick this morning it definitely needed some help.

Hopefully You & Bill will add some pictures. Cause it was a magical site to see.

Puka Wai said...

Looks like JJJ is busier in retirement that he ever was on the job. And with new tricks too: cavorting high above the white whispies while his mind is still firmly entrenched in the gutter - quite a trick! Nice writeup to add to my wish I was there days.

Waianae Jim said...

Guess I should have driven out that way after my MPU session, but was too lazy. Few pics from MPU here:
MPU roll call: TommyRD, Frank, Scrappy, Jorge (tandem), MDoug (tandem X2), Airborne Ken, Lake, 5-0 Mike.
Hang gliders - Dave Goto, Mike, Joe.

sandy said...

Sometimes you just don't know what you're missing. With a hubby on the mainland, I could have used some of that action. But I think my wing's a she too, and I just don't go that way. Time for a new wing I guess. Something tall and handsome with a 9.0 glide ...

Thanks for the titillating tale Thom!

Ka'a'awa Larry said...

Do everything you can to keep your day job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bon Bon said...

haha...nice one. sure wish i was off work that day. but yeah, i got a super late flight in. it was my brother's birthday, i really wanted to fly. i got off work late and headed to kna. when i got there, sawzall had just landed and everyone was gone. i flew for an hour and a half all by myself. it was a beautiful evening.

pics from my flight are here: