Thursday, July 05, 2012

Rough Ride to BYU

Saturday was a very promising light and thermic cross country day at Kahana. I really had to scratch to get up, and Joey took a break to top land at north launch. Eventually it filled in a bit, and Joey and Flystrong joined me to plot our mission. The thermals over Puu Piei were working beautifully. We were excited to think about how far we might be able to get on such a nice thermic day. I was on the hunt for golf balls!

But when we got to Punaluu we were surprised by how rough and disorganized the air was. We stayed as long as we could bear it, getting to cloud base a few times, but we finally fled that washing machine to the next ridge. Hauula was a bit nicer, with more organized thermals, and we tanked up to cloud base there and headed for Laie. We didn't quite have Hukilau, or not safely anyway, so we opted for BYU. Thanks to Chandler for the pickup!

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Duck said...

Man, looks like it was a bit of a wild ride--but from DC it sure looks fun!

Thanks for posting a putting together such a great vid!