Thursday, July 05, 2012

Shadows and Specters

Sunday was one of those rare and breathtaking days where the clouds started to form way below the top of the lift band, and we were able to soar high above them, casting our shadows on the clouds and seeing rainbow halos around them (known as glories or brockenspecters). Thom wrote a titillating tale about the day, but I wanted to share some pictures I took and a few more details about the day.

I got to a rare 3,100 feet above Puu Piei as the clouds started to form below me, and I thought a bay crossing would be easy from that height. It wasn't. I got over there with plenty of height but I found no lift to speak of. I came back and waited for Thom and Bill to join me above the clouds to begin a downrange mission. Considering how easy it had been to get high above Kahana, we were surprised to find the lift strangely sparse on the next couple of ridges, and we ended up opting to land at Hauula. Thanks to Berndt and Roland for the retrieve! After we got back, Scot and Joey were heading across the bay, and they made it with apparent ease, for a quick run to Kualoa and back.

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Thom said...

Sorry my comment did not go through when I first read this one. Thanks for the pics it was an awesome day that unfortunately I have had to live on the high for quite some time.

Will we ever get those days when the window can be open and allow us all to fly?

What a summer so far, got to get it while its there cause we have been suffering major sky-alis dry spells.