Thursday, August 02, 2012

Easterly Crossings

Most of our cross country flights around here are downwinders. It's just easier that way, especially on the windier days! But the more interesting routes include some upwind legs. Lately I've been working on my upwind techniques, searching out lee lift lines, mashing my speed bar, trying to figure out how low I can come in. The last couple of days have presented some fun chances to try some upwind transitions in classic easterly trade wind conditions.

Yesterday I flew downrange from Kahana to Hauula with Doug, and then tried to come back upwind in very strong easterly conditions. It's been a long time since I've tried coming back from Hauula. I forgot how hard it is to cross upwind past Sacred Falls! I have seen many good pilots get flushed there, and I've hit the dirt myself a few times. But yesterday I pulled it off, finishing pretty low, but after that I fell just short of getting all the way back to Kahana. Thanks to Lake for picking Doug and me up!

Today I flew downrange to Punaluu with Thom, Jason and Jim, on another easterly day, and we didn't bother to go any farther before turning and trying to get back to Kahana. I was super stoked to make it back, on such a challenging easterly day, but I have to give a lot of the credit to the lifty dark cloud bank overhead. Thanks to Scot for picking up Thom, Jason and Jim from Punaluu.

I shot video both days but I have only gone through today's footage so far.

Other pilots in and around the sky on both days: Bonnie, Roland, TommyRD, Joey, Brent, Netherlands Franz, Brian, Ashley. Also heard Frank over the radio at Makapuu today talking about the Backwards Flying Club!


Thom said...

Thanks for the coffee read.

It will probably be epic for the next 12 days or so, I will be gone.

JJ Jameson will be looking on from a far, but his coffee will be coming earlier. Actually this one would have made a BC coffee read.

Fun flight, I took a bad line thought I had though and bailed before the back part of the Rhino.

I had watched Jim once come in at around 300 feet but I was not going to attempt that and bailed to Punaluu with Jim and Jayson. Thanks for the rides from Scot and Gaza.

Anonymous said...

You cant complain about good weather here, when you are headed to fly the big mountains. Now going to DC or Korea on winter makes complaining totally acceptable.