Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lanikai Juice

My daughter Kalei came up with this title on the way home from the trailhead. "Too bad you didn't fly Lanikai first before going to Makapuu to launch Juice" Kalei said in her funny way. "Why?" I asked. "Because then JJ's title for his story could be named after my favorite smoothie store, Lanikai Juice!" she retorted. So, thanks for the title - now the low down.

Makapuu was working its L&V magic today, but the clouds did not cooperate for the epic downrange mission we had been hoping for. Jorge arrived and put his game face on: we go to Juice, he said. I agreed, and we hiked up from the landing zone. We were followed by all four of the Japanese pilots, as well as Harvey and Mad Dog.

It was super light at Juice, and Jorge did not make it look easy. But it filled in after a wait, and everyone got airborne. Fireman tried from Crazys, and ended up owing a beer fine. Not sure where he launched after that, but soon he was flying alongside us. Brent also was at Crazys, but may have opted to go to Juice after watching Dave beach it.

It was just a pleasure to be gracing the skies of Makapuu again. I had to top land at Cactus to fix a compression knot, and it was a little tricky to re-launch in the strongish conditions, but Woody School has been paying off, and I launched gracefully. Soon Reaper joined the gaggle, and Alaska Jason. Jorge, Fireman Dave, Mad Dog and Alaska Jason ventured over the back to go land out at Sandys. I landed back on the LZ behind Reaper, so I could scram to go surfing with Maile. Ah, but, first, I snuck over to Sandys to do a pickup, and boy it was worth it. Mad Dog bought me one of the lunch wagon burritos, and it was good and huge. Thanks, Mad Dog!

When I dropped them off, the parapark had opened. The winds had grown a little lighter and north, as we watched Roland launch effortlessly out of Manics. Jorge, Dave and Mad Dog ran up to Manics and tried to coax me along. No, I promised to take Maile to Flat Island to surf, so I left and went home.

Kailua beach waves were as flat as flat could be. Maile looked at me and said, "You got your wing, so why don't you just run up Lanikai?" A second later, Kalei, Mochi and I were on the trail. Maile went for a paddle.

Kalei fluffed my wing at launch. She said she was getting ready for her job at Rat Race. So, I guess I know who's going with me again next year. It was my best flight ever at Lanikai: it was light, I was alone (so not crowded) and I had a blast scratching over the people on the pill boxes. There were at least two people video taping the spectacle, and Kalei was filling them all in about the crazy pilot, and how the people could try flying tandem if they wanted. She was working it up there for you tandem guys, but I am sure she has ulterior motives!

I sometimes forget just how fun it is to wing it around at Lanikai, and after the grumpy attitude I had displayed in the conversation I just had with the President, I knew I needed a fun flight. To top it off, old Ike was on the LZ. He filmed my landing and handed me a beverage. First one I have had in weeks. It was good.

Hopefully I will get a couple of the vids from the people on the top, and then the one from Ike. But for now this log won't have any color.

Makapuu flyers that I flew with or that I heard flew later: Jorge, Mad Dog, Harvey, four Japanese visitors (their last flight and it was a good one), Fireman Dave, Reaper, Brent, Alaska Jason, Roland, NS Brian and Ashley. I heard from and saw Bonnie at Makapuu while I was at Lanikai. Three hangies had also flown earlier. There were some double flights at Makapuu. I heard from Dave, while I was flying in his backyard, that there were some parapark antics going on, but we will omit the names and deeds to avoid reprimand. Kahana was rained out all day, so there's no roll call to report from there.

I may have been the only double dipper, getting a Makapuu and a Lanikai flight in the same day. To sum it up: this day was as sweet as a Lanikai Juice!

It's Time to Fly, Get Your Gear and Go! Go! Go! I have to work the next two days, so I will be looking for some mornning ink, and a little color would be nice too!

JJ Jameson


Alex said...

Man I love that smoothie place. Pablo is a smoothie genius. I used to go there all the time when Logan was in preschool in Kailua. Now I go there just about once a year, which is about how often I fly at Lanikai!

Glad everyone had a fun time at Makapuu today - wish I could have snuck out to join you. I heard Five-0 had a mishap at Manics but I didn't get any details - I hope it's nothing serious. Let's be careful out there guys!

Thom said...

He must have come way after I left. Mike I hope your ok. FYI Dave Goto also had missed landing the other day and is licking his wounds. Stitches on arm and leg.

If anyone else flew on Wed. let me know so I can adjust the history log.

Thom said...

Thanks for the pics Bonnie.

I hope you rubbed it into Woody good he missed a fun day.

Brent said...

My best MPU day ever. Got to cloud base and flirted with some wispy clouds. Tagged the lighthouse. Flew just behind the ridge for the first time. Thermals felt 'sweet' instead of 'rock and roll'. Good launch and landing...just an all around awesome day. Sidehill...I was amazed to see you hanging out over Rabbit Island. Has any paraglider actually managed to soar out there using dynamic lift? Thanks for the story and look forward to flying with you guys again soon.

firedave2 said...

Brent, it has all been done before, pretty much anything you can imagine. But we are always looking for new angles. Good to see you out there.