Sunday, September 23, 2012

Traffic Jams

Over twenty five pilots occupied the sky and the beach at Kahana on Saturday, in an effort to charge our batteries in advance of the rain and wind that was forecast to arrive on Sunday. While we were navigating the crowded airways, a downed transformer in Punaluu closed the highway in both directions for at least an hour before they opened up a single lane for alternating flow. Many of us were slowed down in our mission to get up the hill, but eventually we all reached our destinations.

Many pilots reached notable destinations. Climber Jeff made three commutes up the hill and back to the beach, including one soaring flight. Way to go Jeff! Maui Doug and Ginny left the traffic behind, flying tandem across the bay to Kualoa and back, for Ginny's first time across, to celebrate her birthday. What a great gift! I was able to follow them partway, but then some big clouds developed at Kualoa, so I opted to hang out over Kaaawa, finally landing at Swanzys. Thanks to Firefly John for the retrieve. TommyRD found himself parked low around the corner of the rhino horn, so we directed him to a first time landing by the shrimp ponds in Punaluu, always a good option in situations like that.

Thanks to everyone who braved the road traffic to help us fill the sky with our own special kind of air traffic. It was great to see so many wings in the air! And thanks to whoever brought the cold beverages - I snagged one after I landed but I don't know who to thank!

Roll call: AZ Chandler and his buddy, Frank, TommyRD, Thom, me, Flystrong, Woody, Gaza, Climber Jeff, Duck, Jim, Scrappy and his buddy, Doug, Ginny, Brian SB, NS Brian and Ashley, Tom P, Maui Rodney, Maui Mark, Sharky, Firefly John, Bonnie on John's Firefly, Harvey, Jai Pal, Jorge. Hope I haven't left anyone out - please add a comment if I've forgotten anyone. If anyone else took photos or videos, post a link and I'll include them.

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Thom said...

Good Re-cap and continuation of the log.

Everyone should know that you can post a story here and then log in the pilots that flew.

It's not just up to Alex and a few others. In fact it would be nice to have others perspectives. 25 people were there flying or otherwise. Type something up, Alex will help edit it, he still does mine.

Congrats Ginny on your Bay Cross, so glad to see you getting some air time.

I just am really liking my new Free Style by Gradient. My heart is still xc but wang it around the last few days at Lanikai and then Kahana was just oh so much fun.

Highly recommend The Woody Remedial School of Kiting and School of Wing Control. Just saying.

It's Time To Fly, Always Room for Improvement, so Get Your Gear and Go!!