Thursday, September 06, 2012

Until You Can't See Land

Yesterday a few of us enjoyed a brief late afternoon flight at Kahana. I was skeptical, but Woody convinced me to hike up. It seemed strongish, but worth giving it a shot. I'm glad I did! The conditions turned out to be perfect, and as usual, the lighting at that time of day was magical.

I flew across the bay but stopped short of Kualoa, since the clouds in that direction were dark and menacing. So I alternated between climbing over Kaaawa and heading out to sea, to find out how far I could go. On my longest push I made it over a mile offshore, and got back with plenty of height, so I guess I could have gone a bit further. Next time! Thanks to Woody for the ride back from Swanzys.

Roll call: Woody, me, TommyRD, Jason, Bonnie.

Track is here, and embedded below if your browser will display it.


Thom said...

Thanks for the read,

I have been MIA lately gotta really bad cold/flu now I wish it was the scotch cause I know the next day it would be gone. I caught Typhoid Joey.

Ok so you made it a mile out. I thought the next destination would be over land. But apparently you want to compete with Hawaiian Airlines and do inter-island action.

So you could have gone further hmmm Molokai?

JJ Jameson

Brent said...

Alex has already flown to Molokai. When I first discovered this site I read all the archived stories and read a scintillating account of Alexs' flight to Molokai. I was reading his story with wonder and amazement and thinking he had actually made that flight. Nice piece of writing.

Sharky said...

Thanks for the writeup Alex!

I really like seeing your tracklogs. It really gives me an idea of where you are benching up and crossing to see where the lines are.

So I was looking at the time of the track and I noticed the time was off, then I noticed the times...sheesh.

07:00:36 start of flight
07:08:45 went as far back as you'd got at kahana before you started your line
07:11:20 left land
07:15:26 passed crouching corner(!!!)
07:48:34 turn to head out to sea
07:54:01 furthest out over a mile.

Holy Moley are up in 8 minutes and across and clear in 15. Nice rocketship piloting cap'n! :)

Whole flight was about an hour and you even got a mile out...*jaw drop*

Nice work!

=-) Sharky