Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Colombia 2013

Aloha Flying Monkeys! I just want to keep you posted on our flying tours. As you know, our last trip for this year will be at the Atacama Desert, riding the Iquique dunes in November, with Sharky and Larry Mac. In 2013, we are going to start the year with an awesome destination: Colombia.

Colombia is a tropical country with incredible diversity and charm. A location just north of the equator means good flying all year round. Consistency and unique flying conditions keep attracting pilots from all around the globe. Colombians are very happy and receptive to new friendships, making the visitors feel at home.

They are confident that their country has experienced a huge change. They are proud of it, and welcome all guests to witness this new Colombia where, as they say, the only risk is “wanting to stay.” I hope you can join us and experience this marvelous land of friendly people and great flying…

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See you out there,



Anonymous said...

hola cavron!
i will be in Colombia for the winter, hope to see you there :)
czech peter

BC Cornell said...

Ola! It's us, BC Cornell & BC Charlie! We'll be in Columbia Feb 3 - Feb 18 or so....hope to see and fly with ya there! I hear the Carnival in Barranquilla (Feb 9 -12) is....the BIGGEST PARTY in SOUTH AMERICA!