Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy Chronic

Yesterday the forecast called for a hybrid mix of light tradewinds, veered to the east, or further, and sea breeze circulation. To our surprise, that's exactly what we got. Jorge joined me at Kahana to explore the unusual air and see where we could go. Turns out we could go pretty far!

It was the craziest day to attempt a chronic flight - my plan was a downwind dash to the golf course. But Jorge was intent on heading upwind, and despite sensor readings of 76 degrees, we set off across the bay with about 2,700 feet of altitude. It seemed as though the lower we got, the more northeasterly and onshore the flow became, whereas at cloudbase it was due east or maybe a hair beyond. I arrived a bit higher and watched Jorge scratch bravely all around the base of the Kaaawa massif, finally giving up to land at Kaaawa School.

I blazed over to Kualoa and then back to Kahana, only to find Jorge relaunching to join me and Maui Doug for a trip to Punaluu. I figured from there I'd land at Punaluu, but I couldn't resist the lure of returning to Kahana and completing the chronic mission, despite a sensor reading of 86 degrees. Somehow I made it and pulled in to the bay just as conditions were truly dying off and blowing lightly offshore. I watched Jason launch in the last breath of onshore flow and scratch his way down to the beach, before I retreated to land at Punaluu.  Maui Doug opted for a landing at Hauula, and Allegra and Jorge joined me at Punaluu.

Thanks to Woody for the pickup. Also great to see RK Jeff, Roland, Allison, Gaza and Harvey out there. Thanks to Harvey for helping me out with refreshments.

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Thom said...


Your turning the once revered flight of crossing the Bay and now the chronic into 'just another flight'.

Thanks for the story and the flic, hopefully I will get to see the top of your new appendage someday too.

Good to see Maui Doug giving the old Obsession some exercise too!

JJ Jameson