Friday, October 26, 2012

Makapuu Mixer

For the entire afternoon today, a dozen pilots flew all over the eastern tip of the island. Jorge, Woody and I started things off. I followed Jorge back to Greenwalls in hopes of connecting with Olomana and Lanikai. But the clouds were super low back there, so we came back from Greenwalls to find Thom, Larry and Jason in the air, and Doug on deck. Clearly this was turning into a party! I saw Alison and Flash at the LZ, and I heard Lake, Bonnie, Flystrong and Kevin were there later. I made a video of my flight, embedded below.


Thom said...

You justs had to have that over shoot in there didn't you!!!

Thank You Soooo Much.

Anonymous said...

No worries Thom, any landing you walk away from is a good landing, haha!

DC Marc

Bon Bon said...

Nice video!

Over shoot? He didn't over shoot....that's Sidehill's lz...everyone knows that! hehe..