Thursday, October 04, 2012

Winter is Here

Winter has arrived on Oahu, and while it's a bit earlier than expected, it's not unwelcome. In addition to rain, winter means light and variable winds, thermals, sea breezes, and of course, prefrontal and postfrontal awesomeness. In the last week pilots have flown light conditions at Makapuu, Koko Crater, Mariners, Dillingham and Nanakuli. They say this winter will be an El Nino season, which in the past has meant good winter flying for us. I'm ready for that!


Puka Wai said...

Great Video, Alex, loved the end! That's probably the first one from that site. Is there anywhere that rocketship can't soar?

Thom said...

Thanks for the quick blurb, again my stupid computer is so infected can't see embedded video on either Mozilla or Explorer.

What was the roll call of pilots at NAN, Dill (did not know anyone flew there this week) and the rest?

Duck said...

Great video Alex! Love the effect with the slow mo. The kids at the end stole the show!

It was a great day of flying out there--let's do it again soon.

Alex said...

Thom, Brian and other guys fly the Dill almost every morning, but I included a mention of it now because Brian said he had a nice thermic flight there one day this week.

Roll call for Nanakuli: Maui Doug, Duck, Jim, Hangu, Jeremy, me. Roll call for Koko: Frank and Maui Doug. Roll call for Mariners: Dave, Frank, Five-0 Mike. Roll call for Makapuu: probably too many to list.