Monday, December 17, 2012


When the wind blows this hard for this long, downsizing sure seems like a good idea. I don't mean downsizing our staff - just our wings. I may be away on the mainland for a few weeks, but I am keeping in touch with the conditions and the action over there as best I can from five thousand miles away.

My sources tell me (okay, actually it's Facebook) that a couple of crazy visiting Austrians were flying mini wings at Kahana in gale force easterly squall soaked conditions this weekend. Alban and Jesse are here to shoot films and take pictures to promote the new line of Little Cloud wings. Sounds like they might head out again today to meet North Shore Brian for some more small wing action. I think these guys are around for another week or so - hopefully some more local small wing pilots will get to meet them and join the fun, or at least fly the cooler and enjoy the show.

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Thom said...

Shoots did not know there was any action on island.

I have been too depressed to even look at my gear.

I am not a small winger but if these keeps up much longer I am either going to have to find all the weight McStalker lost or get my wings clipped.

Thanks for at least some kinda story. My coffees have had to have something a little extra added just to take the edge off.