Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Makapu'u Parapark Opening

Finally a parapark day at Makapu'u, which was led off by two guests and myself. First thanks to Bernie & Motorhead for bringing the good weather. Bernie you've been here so much that you don't count as a guest anymore just another monkey. Timo, Tim O'Neil, who is becoming a repeater himself, was the first to launch, Bernie second then I was the last to get out of Manics.

There was a long pause in launches until Woody, Maui Doug and a few others arrived to give Crazy Man's a whirl.

Soon the skies of Makapu'u were filled with the brilliant nylon that should be there every day. Maui Doug and I headed toward Olomana but I was on my Freestyle and got chased back to Makapu'u by a rainbow. The rainbow was winning for bit but I dried off in the sun in no time. Not sure where Maui Doug ended up but by the end of the day Jorge had launched and was most likely flying with or past him.

Nothing radical just a great 2K elevation day at MPU, oh a radio chatter from VIPJayson did make me feel pretty good. "I see Woody up there wanging it over, where are you Thom?" I smiled, "It's me in the FreeStyle but thanks for the indirect compliment." I must be getting better. It was one of my better sessions in the Freestyle.

I flew for at least 2 hours and Bernie much longer. Timo got news of a tree falling on his house back home so he landed after an hour and a half. Reports say that house and family are ok, so he will be on the chase Saturday too. I hope he can get some more material for his blog.

Ike came in for a landing and hit the target, followed by Bernie and then VIPJayson on tandem with his brother's gal. Brent snuck in while I was folding up. Before I left pilots were pouring in to begin their adventures. Lake landed testing his repaired landing gear, all good.

I had to leave at 2pm so here is the roll call that I could remember: Timo, Bernie, Sidehill, MauiDoug, Ike, VIPJayson, Brent, Woody, Jorge, Lake were all that I remember that got a flights but plenty were on deck, Allison was in the LZ, I heard KLarry after a sledder at KNA came to MPU and broke in 2013, I am sure Bonnie showed up and I got a call from One-Eye on my way home for a report and I am guessing he showed up.
Please chirp in on the comments to keep our roll calls accurate.

Ike always says, "I guess I just got lucky." I have heard this way to many times from him because he does get lucky with alot of stuff. But we can all say this every time our feet leave the ground, we fly! How Lucky is That!

It's Time to Fly, for the Lucky Ones, Get Your Gear and Go!

Thanks for the Pic Jayson.


Jayson said...

Photoset from Makapuu yesterday:
Katerina Tandem

Also scored a 2hr sunrise flight at Kahana that morning: Rainbow Session

Ka'a'awa Larry said...

As is typical for me, my KNA flight in the morning while all alone was picture perfect from launch to landing. The afternoon at MPU was also perfect until my cross-wind butt landing in front of 50 critics! Why, oh why is the really embarrassing stuff always in front of spectators?
The upside outweighs the bad though as I did get almost 2 hours of airtime at my favorite spots and got to mingle with my airbra's. (I just made that one up)