Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Late Window for 2013

Nine straight days without a flight sets me into some serious depression. This morning was just looking as grim as the rest. My friend Andrew called, needing a ride up north to look at a car. 'Great! At least I can look at launch'.

I did not even bother stopping at the LZ on the way back from Kahuku, but steered straight for Woody's to watch the new Jockey Sanderson DVD. We killed some time and then got a call from Brad G. trying to cheer us up with his news that he was getting pounded with snow and had not flown since he was here. He said to say 'hi' to all and not complain about a mere 9 days with no flying. Positive energy, I need more of that for 2013.

False alarms on the sensors mixed with desperation made us head over to the Kahana LZ. Where Woody, KLarry, Alex and I watched the cat's paws whip in. Tim & Mary O'Neil stopped by to join in the prayer vigil for better weather. Hunger set in so, off to Bobo's for lunch.

During lunch we got a call from Ike and Jayson, Jayson was going to give Lanikai a try, but we knew it would be too strong and east for even a small wing there. Jayson ended up hiking back down, as we decided to hike up KNA East Launch.

There was going to be only a short window and I hucked off first, followed by Woody. I guess we were not making it look very good cause Alex and KLarry did not even unpack. We wanged around a bit but a look around the corner to Kaaawa set the stop watch for our flights, a big squall on the way. Alex and KLarry hiked down and meet Bonnie part way, she turned around with them.

Before they could get back to the LZ, Woody and I had rotary landings. Short but sweet, well not really sweet, and the title has a double meaning: (20) minutes for me and (13) minutes for Woody. Thanks for the beverages Mr. President.

Not the way I would want to start a log book for 2013, but alas it is a start.

May 2013 bring great flights to all our monkeys near and far, remember to have good thoughts and positive energy. I think someone should offer Mother Nature a tandem flight.

Please.....Let it be Time to Fly, Get Your Gear, dust it off and Go!!!

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