Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold Grey Chronic

I think our visitors from the northwest may have brought their skies with them to Kahana yesterday. The sky was grey and overcast all day, with periods of drizzle and mist. But the wind was a rare perfect speed and direction for XC flying during this tricky winter season, and lots of folks made it out and tried their hand at crossing the bay.

I led FlyStrong on half a chronic but he opted to skip the last half. I dashed over to Punaluu and back, to close the loop before the next line of misty drizzle blew in. Thom made it across the bay later on, as did visitors Bill and Peter. We wrapped it all up with fun kiting session on the LZ, as the late shift headed up for one last gasp of flying.

Roll call: me, Paul, Alison, Jim, Oregonians Peter D and Bill, Flystrong, Bonnie, Woody, RK Jeff, Thom, Don, Jayson, Sandy, Johnimo, TommyRD, Ginny.

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Thom said...

I saved this for this mornings coffee read.

I made it across behind OregonBill. It was a rotor ride up at the Lion. Worked my way down to Kaaawa elementary and was going to push on but the gray skies and a few drops made me think, "Nah, their will be nicer days for that......I hope."

Landed grabbed, grabbed a nap and then watched others come in. It may have been gray and murky but it was a flight.

Thanks for the note Alex. JJ Jameson turns 50 this year and he's excpecting many tales.

So may the winds be kind, the scotch be bottomless and your fingers stay nimble for 2013, cause,
It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go!