Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today's pilots covered some serious distance. We had pilots visiting from distant lands (Ohio, BC, and Oregon). We had pilots flying great distances, including one record tandem flight. And we had pilots communicating over vast distances. But in the middle of this fickle winter flying season, mainly we just enjoyed a gorgeous and full day of textbook trade wind soaring.

Two paraglider pilots started the day by flying from Dillingham to Makapuu and back, an 80 mile round trip, under a very low cloudbase. (I should point out that they were in a sailplane for this flight.) On their return leg they flew a circle around BC PMac as he was making his way from Kahana to Pounders.

Later, after the cloud base had risen and largely dissipated, twenty pilots flew together at Kahana in sunny afternoon conditions. Six pilots racked up a cumulative distance of over forty miles, including two exciting outlandings in Kaaawa and one 15-mile extended chronic loop. Most pilots just cruised and soaked up many hours of airtime. We counted up to a dozen wings in the air at a time.

We heard Five-0 and Tim and TommyRD on the radio at Makapuu, 22 miles away, which is not too unusual, and then we spoke with Joe and Bob flying at Anahola on Kauai, 100 miles away! We've heard them a few times before but it's always a surprise when those voices come crackling over the air from so far away.

The lighting was perfect and amazing as usual for that time of day, and I took 175 pictures. I managed to pare that number down to 13 really pretty ones.

Roll call: PMac, Woody, Jayson, BC Chris, BC Matt, Luis, Bonnie, Motorhead, Don, Ohio Bernie, me, Thom, Jim, Brian, Oregonians Bill and Steve, Reaper, McStalker, Allegra, Duck, and possibly others. Plus our remote friends Five-0, Tim, TommyRD, Joe and Bob! Thanks to PMac for the generous supply of cold refreshments!

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Thom said...

Who says JJ's bitching doesn't pay off. 2 days in a row a coffee read, is this a sign of the year to come?!

Anyway it was a good day and another was had the next with 3 to Hauula, hopefully that re-count is brewing, or was this that count?, I gotta start keeping a log myself.

Thanks for the roll call but your stories needs some work, I did not have to get out my dictionary once!