Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dry Spells and Flash Floods

Winter weather has continued to plague us, in ways to which we are truly not accustomed. Especially the more deeply addicted among us. Our flying has been marginal, with only a handful of epic days that, from my point of view, have been too few and far between. These days, we gotta take what we can get. Yesterday we took Makapuu.

When I arrived at the LZ, with no one posting anything, I was appalled to say the least. 8 wings in the air with no posting of flyable conditions. The only reason I even ventured that way cause Jorge answered a direct text, he does not post on chat. Jorge gets award for even answering. The rest of you are grounded!!!!! Ok that will be easy to enforce with a Flash Flood warning pending.

Even I am guilty of not posting. I wrote that I would post, once I got to the LZ, but then I got whisked into Roland's vehicle upon arrival, and then off into the skies before I could post. Bad monkey! I was punished by finding myself airborne with my flight deck wrapped around my shoulder strap somehow. I ended up landing back at the LZ to figure it out, and then LE gave me a ride back up to relaunch.

It ended up not being an XC day, but the whales were playing, and monkeys were flying. A day with no tale to weave, but one that we can say gave some new wings a stretch. TommyRD on his Artik3 and Scrappy and Reaper on their EN-D C gliders. The roll call for this Tuesday MPU crew also included Sidehill, One-Eye, 5-0, Franky, Fireman Dave, Roland, Kevin, MotorHead, LE, and Ben, plus MauiDoug and Jorge on tandems and solos. Goto and Mike flew hangies with Tim running air traffic control.

Sorry JJ, no real epic story here, other than Goto wearing a vest that had a paraglider on the pocket. I think he will be flying under a paraglider soon. Kevin was the last to land, overlapping the Flash Flood 6pm curfew by almost an hour.

As I sit here now, early in the morning, etching this ramble into the archives, with no rain, and no flash flood, I wonder: how does Guy Hagi keep his job? The radar does show a big mass of color northeast of us but it appears to be stalled. Perhaps another small shot of Sky-alis will be poured today, to wet the whistles of eager monkeys.

I will be working, but I am sure JJ will be watching. He knows that the ink wells are not dry; in fact they are flooded from lack of use. Thanks to Jim for the monkey nectar, to 5-0 for that yummy salsa and to the barrel of flying monkeys for the memories.

It's Time to Fly, Get Your Gear and Go!!!


TodoAcro said...

Someone forgot to tell the wind gods to make it flyable everywhere else EXECPT Makapu'u until I've returned.

So, it shouldn't have been flyable there until tomorrow. ;)

Waianae Jim said...

Thanks for the write up Thom, I'm sure JJ Jameson had to kick you a few times to get you to submit it. That Cayenne 4 wing seems to go pretty good and looks nice too. You should have used some of my color from here for your post, there were a couple half decent shots of you. Glad you got out of the office and back up in the air, since you're there in your head most of the time anyway!

Thom said...

Sorry Nova we just had to.

Jim I added the links at the bottom i was not sure how to steal your shots.

Alex said...

Awesome writeup, Thom! Thanks as always for a prompt and humorous take on the day. Great pictures from you and Jim.