Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Madness

Flying fanatics enjoyed a brief intermission from the annual hoops tournament on Monday March 25th. A select few enjoyed an afternoon flight at Makapu'u. Not many words here, our air time was short and clouds kept us from venturing anywhere downrange. We got a few light drops on the north end of the range by the hang glider launch so opted to spend most of our time out on the lighthouse end. Roland seemed quite SATisfied with entertaining the masses at the Chief's Luau at Sea Life Park, while the rest of us just boated around.
Roll call of attendees I observed: Juice launch - Maui Doug (tandem), Roland, Matt, BC Kris, Myself. Manics launch - Reaper, 5-0 Mike, Scrappy, Tommy RD.


Alex said...

Thanks for the writeup, Jim! I was too lazy to write a post but it's always nice to hear what the other side is up to. Great to see that BC Kris finally got into the air!

At Kahana we had Woody, Bonnie, me, Paul, Ben, LE, JK and Drew getting some drizzly airtime.

Thom said...

Now that's what I am talking about. Enjoyed this with a good warm bowl of soup after todays cold norhterly flying at MPU.


JJ Jameson

Kringle said...

Thanks for getting me up. It was a "you gotta believe" kind of experience for someone who has never soared a ridge like that. Glide from launch tells you that you will have sand between your toes about a minute after launch, but you gotta beleive and the wind just takes you aloft and down range you go! Thanks guys.

Bon Bon said...

Nice one, 1i! Love the March Madness reference. I didn't even know you were a hoops fan - or knew what March Madness was! (jk) :-P