Monday, March 25, 2013

Rabbit Tag

A few monkeys flew Makapuu on the day after St. Patrick's Day. The wind was light and the clouds were high, at least at first. Jorge charged downrange for an exciting 50k out and back excursion along the ancient cloud forests of the Koolau mountains, while Thom and I chased each other around from Greenwalls to Rabbit Island. The clouds dropped down and kept us local, but sometimes staying local at Makapuu can be fun. We flew farther and higher over Rabbit Island than we've ever dared, feeling like hang gliders out there. Visitor Dave from Monterrey enjoyed an exciting landing over the back in Kuliouou Valley, and relaunched at the ridge top to save himself a ride back. Just another awesome day to share some airtime with friends. Let's hope we get more days like that real soon.

Roll call: Thom, me, Jorge, ID Brad, Monterrey Dave, Woody, Colin, Doug, Roland, Ben and LE; followed by late shifters Frank, Bonnie, TommyRD, Steve, and Five-0, and possibly others.


Thom said...

I am glad your spacing these stories out. With this 'dry' spell there is not much new material being created.

Great video, it was fun going out there and actually seeing the back side.

It was a great day and topped it off with a Greek lunch then wtching even more people fly.

Frank,Bonnie, TommyRD, Divot, 5-0, and maybe even others I can't remember flew 2nd, 3rd and 4th shifts.

Frank and Bonnie entertained the look out. Here are the pics I got

Bon Bon said...

Thanks for the write-up. It was fun watching you guys so high over Rabbit. I enjoyed working on asymmetric spirals and free refills during that flight.

I flew 3 times, but only took a few pictures during the first flight: