Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fourth Annual Bob Johnson Camp & Fly

Another big party for the Oahu flying monkeys: we will be hosting the Fourth Annual Bob Johnson Birthday Party and Flying Festival from May 3 to May 5, at Kahana Bay. In celebration of Bob's life, we are hereby inviting all pilots and friends to join us for our fourth year of birthday flying festivities.

We will be camping at Kahana from Friday, May 3 to Sunday, May 5. We are getting more organized every year and the crowds are getting bigger. This will be an all family weekend - we will have kayaks, surfboards, boogie boards, bocce balls and many other activities for both pilots and non-fliers. Everyone is encouraged to come and join the fun during the weekend!

Here is the schedule, weather permitting:

April 2, 2013 at mid night.  We will need 10 people to log on to the State Camping Permit Site to reserve sites 1-10.  Sites 4,5,6 will be priorty so we can set up the main kitchen tent/head quarters.  As people comment as to which they will try for it will be added to the list below to fill your site with 10 names we figure out before the call in day and can be chirped in on the comment section.

*** CLEAN SWEEP!!! *** Thanks to all the Monkeys who helped make it happen!
              Site 1:  Alex Colby --TAGGED
              Site 2:  Sandy & John (Sandy/John, Fowlers+3) -- TAGGED
              Site 3:  Thom Sidehill Therrien May 3-6 -- TAGGED
              Site 4: Sharky Handicap spot needs placard -- TAGGED
              Site 5: John Duck Mallard -- TAGGED by Divot (Duck's buying drinks :P)
              Site 6: Mike 5-0 Fujioka -- TAGGED
              Site 7: Raimir B-Ray Bylardtt -- MIA - TAGGED by Ginger!
              Site 8: Pete Reaper Michelmore -- MIA - TAGGED by Nikki!
              Site 9: Maui Doug & Shelly -- TAGGED
              Site 10: Swan & Gaza -- TAGGED

Thursday May 2:  Start Set up of Head Quarters.  Mike 5-0 will need at least 4 able bodies to set up 
                             main tent.  Which may be done on Thursday or Friday.

Friday May 3: set up camp, starting at 12 noon, and do some flying.
                         Pot luck dinner. 

Saturday, May 12,
                           7:00- 10:00  Breakfast.  This menu is to be determined.  The kitchen tent will be
                                  open but all eaters expected to contribute by some means
                          10:00 am - 11:00 am: quarterly HPA meeting.
                          12 noon get in the air - events to be determined.
                               Lunch will be Steamed Dogs, Rice & Chile serve self type
                          6:30 pm  Dinner  Cinco De Mayo.  Mexiken Food  The kitchen tent will be open but
                                             all eaters expected to contribute by some means
Sunday: more of the same!
                            7:00- 10:00 Breakfast. This menu is to be determined. The kitchen tent will be
                                  open but all eaters expected to contribute by some means
                           Break Down Camps Merge to Site 5 which will be broken down on Monday  

On Saturday we will be doing a flower drop. Please try to bring a bag of flower blossoms that can be dispersed from the air. Once we have as many pilots as possible in the air, the signal will be announced for the drop.


Duck said...

I'll get Site 4.

Sharky said...

I'll go for handicap site again since I'm hoping this time mom & dad will be able to come... I believe that's the one 5-0 is shooting for...


Thom said...

Saturday Menu change.

Seeing as it is Cinco De Mayo going for a mexican theme.

I just may have to make a 5 gallon cuket of Margaritas.

sandy said...

I can go for 2 or whatever you think is best ...
Thom -- can you really make 5 gallon? John makes a really good Texas Margarita too (maybe too good)

Thom said...

Thanks Sandy I added your name in on #2. We Will chirp tonite at midnight. You can put 10 adults on your sites. You do not need their license number or any thing and apply for the max parking permits too. You can even make up names no one really ever checks. But having the parking passes printed up just in case is good. Although I have never even posted either the parking or camping permit and have never been asked for one. The managment likes us, Ginny has a buddy on the staff and we have so far been clean and respectvul of th e area so they don't bother us. Reaper's Wedding was the biggest event we had there and we had no problems. We just need to reserve the sites.
Thanks everyone for your help still need 8,9, 10

Duck said...

Swap Sharky and me 4 is the handicap site...I'll take 5.

Dreamybee said...

For Bob's:
Friday night meal--Duck and Ginny are Bringing Italian. Everyone else BYO, but we'll have a start with some pasta and meatballs and fresh bread!

Saturday Lunch--Ginny and Ces are doing chilli dogs (chilli and hot dogs). The foodtruck will not be there, so if you want something other than chilli dogs...BYO.

Saturday Dinner--Mexican! Duck is bringing Peruvian Chicken...not sure who else is bringing what (please post a comment to further identify what will be there).

More to follow! But please post comments if you are bringing anything.


JeffMc said...

I'm bringing shrimp ceviche and salsa verde pork tacos.

Geronimo John said...

Geronimo John's Country Style Gravey, over hash brown's, with fried eggs on top are part of the lineup for Saturday and Sunday breakfast.

Kevin said...

Planning on bringing a big greek salad, shrimp, and some sausages to grill. Plates, cups, forks etc.