Monday, April 01, 2013

We Are Risen

What an amazing Easter Sunday flying celebration we enjoyed today. Over twenty five pilots flocked to our rarest site, the Kahuku Motocross launch on the North Shore, a site we fly once every few years. And this was the second day in row for a few of us!

We used to think we could only fly there in northwest flow, but after these two days we know for sure that due north is a perfectly good direction out there too. Most flew there for the first time, and a bunch of us flew to Waimea Bay and back. There were some nice strong thermals baking up through that cold air, and pilots were also flying some mind blowing convergence lines. We used our usual launch at the knob, and also a new launch on the north corner of the ridge, near the picnic table.

Thanks to Roland for leading the charge. Thanks to TommyRD for donating the large canister of cold refreshments! Thanks to caretaker Richard for tolerating our potential bomb outs in his field. It's a testament to the great conditions that we never needed to use it today! Every single pilot landed on the beach! Thanks to Duck for the grape juice and massive sandwich and other good stuff. Congrats to Larry Mac for flying his home site for the first time. Congrats to Laurel for getting back on the horse. Congrats to all the first timers out there.

I know there was a lot of footage shot today, and hopefully some pictures too. Let's see what you guys got! I will try to put my footage together.

Roll call: Alex, Duck, Woody, Dave, Roland, Harvey, Jorge, Bonnie, Bill, Thom, JK, Pete, Gaza, Laurel, Maui Tim, Scrappy, Steve, Nova, Larry Mac, Berndt, Ginny, Carolyn, Rich, Jim, CA Josh, Kevin.


Thom said...

Very Good,

My coffee was sweetened by a little ink.

Sidehill is working on a video but this is new to him and the frustration levels are a massing so even I am not going to pester him.

Sidehill stated that it was his best ever flight at KMX and wanted to thank his wife Donna for letting him skip family Easter activities to fly and hang with all the monkeys.

Thanks for the write, the pics and the roll call.

JJ Jameson

nightshift said...

Weren't you guys afraid of frying your 'nads at the historic Opana radar site?

Bon Bon said...

Another record day, how cool. We are getting lucky on holidys.

It was a different kind of record day for me; it was do I describe it...most interesting flight yet.

This is how my flight went:

After flying about 30 mins, I was flying along (not messing with my camera....not hands off); maybe (maybe?) i let up a little bit on my right brake. all of a sudden, my wing took a HUGE collapse (more than 50%) on the right side!! All at once, a lot went through my head:

"oh shit!" ...'sack of potatoes'...'my brother'....risers twisting in front of me....'reserve'.....(trees)...spinning to the right about 360*...'SIV' (with Brad)...still twisted....glider reopens....spins the other way (left).....looking at risers ....looking at trees.....spinning towards trees..'Damn; im not filming.'....."Oh shit! ...Oh Shit!!"....'f*^!--i don't have insurance!'.....

....finally; I grabbed the risers and pulled them apart...and started flying straight. i was barely above and in front of the trees. i had gotten out of the spin just in time. As I was spinning I could hear Roland, who was flying near me, he was yelling, "Come on, Bonnie! You got it! Get out of it!!" That was encouraging.
FlyStrong came on the radio as i was still spinning, "Holy shit, Bonnie; are you ok?!" Once I came out and was flying again, I answered, "Holy shit! I took a huge collapse and my risers twisted and i was spinning!" (for a minute he thought I was messing around, doing acro).

I flew out, looked up, took a deep breath and thought, 'what the f*^%??' then relaxed, calmed myself and flew for another hour--trying to figure out this stupid thermal game and fly through the bumpy air.

This is another boring video...and unfortunately i wasnt recording during the "fun" stuff...

Here are a few pics I took...only after i landed because i was too busy during my flight: