Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Extremely Focused

Despite the super east conditions and low clouds, we've flown some fun cross country missions on four of the last five days at Kahana. 86 is the new 68! And 1,200 is the new 1,800! Let's just say there have been windows of clean air in between periods of rotor, and gaps between cloud banks. While many pilots have opted to stay local at Lanikai and Makapuu, certain extremely focused northsiders have been exploring the margins of cross country possibilities.

I don't think we've ever seen such nice flyable conditions at Kahana in this kind of super easterly flow before. I guess it's never just a question of what number the sensor is showing - there must be other factors at work to keep the rotor at bay. I mean, away from the bay. Over these last few days we've had sensor readings in the 80s and 90s, and clouds as low as 1,200 feet at times, and somehow we have still managed to fly several super fun downrange missions: three to Hukilau, one to BYU, and others to Laie Point, Hauula, and Punaluu.

Thanks to Scot, Duck, Drew and Larry Mac for retrieves!

Roll call over these four days: Woody, Thom, Bonnie, Maui Tim, Maui Phil, Duck, Drew, JD, John McGuire, CA Spencer, me, Motorhead, Scot, Larry Mac, Steve, Luis, Harvey, and others I must surely be forgetting.

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Thom said...

Thanks for the write up. The videos are starting to grow on me so I look forward to them too.

This comment goes up of yet another trip to Hukilau for Alex on Wed. and another trop for me to just before Laiea point.

Gotta get this new Aspen going so I can at least trail Alex.