Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let The Wind Blow

We can't let this day go unremarked. Thirty pilots converged on Diamond Head on this unseasonable prefrontal day, and at least twenty flew their hearts out in the sweetest of Kona winds. Oh, let that Kona wind blow! This is by far the latest in the year we've ever flown our most treasured eastern site. I mean, really, April? This is a January site! But most remarkable is the patience and good judgement of our most seasoned conservative pilot, Sharky, who has waited ten long years for the right day to fly his home site for the first time. Now that is a focused pilot! Here's to many more flights for Sharky at Diamond Head!

Roll call: Sharky, Don, Frank, JetFlap, Dave, Alex, Woody, Thom, Duck, Roland, Nova, Harvey, Maui JJ, Maui Dawn, Maui Tim, Jim, McStalker, FlyStrong, Jorge, visitor Kevin, visitor Riley, Gaza, Laurel, Ashley, Brian, Ginny, Five-0, Scrappy, Firefly John, Gavin, Brent, and probably a few others I'm leaving out.


Thom said...

Saved Sidehill from having to scratch this one out. But my notes of the day.

Maui Tim was vindicated on this glorious day. This site had a dark past for him when a rough landing took out his pelvis a few years ago. Two flights and Pono on watch he's now erased that memory.

Have to give some credit to our wayward monkey JetFlap, who flew Koko Crater and Koko Head the prevoius days and then rallied the troops early to score Diamond Head.

It was looking like the early bird caught the worm, the first batch of monkeys were enjoying some airtime with Gaza the last of that batch. When my first flight was an extended sledder to the beach it promted all to realize it may be light. One-Eye made a birthday sacrafise and left launch, soon after there was a second squadron aloft.

Brent was also there but may not have flown.

Thanks for the write up and the roll call.

JJ Jameson

Alex said...

Er, Thom, not to put too fine a point on it, but your sledder was not very extended! From my perspective right above you it was a death defying bomb to the beach with a last minute upwind turn! One of many death defying beach bomb runs today! We heard Roland call them Sleigh Rides. We all decided that sounds like much more fun than Sled Rides. Or maybe just as much fun but with bells on! Ho ho ho!

Alex said...

Wait - are you saying Maui Tim is erasing his memories? I wonder how he's accomplishing that! But seriously, thanks to McStalker for being the first to post to rally the troops today! And to Frank and Sharky for posting right after that to confirm our hopes. This was the third day for many of us chasing our favorite eastern site. The first day I was lucky to get an amazing but lonely hour soaring a sea breeze there, while the second day was nothing but a tease. But the third day was sheer prefrontal perfection!

Thom said...

Another well done video Mr. President. No death defying "sleigh ride" was had by me. I would say the first of your top lands had a bit more edge.

The second flight was the one to remember for me smooth butter air with a safe beach landing. Now as for Tim's memory erasing the two year ago flight was what I meant but you must of heard that there was a trip to Lulu's for frosty beverages that may have clouded over today's flight.

Thanks for the vid, and if could add Brent to the roll call.

Sharky said...

Super Fun Day! Really awesome conditions. Thanks Alex for the "words", and thanks Stalker for the launch assist. It was a lot easier than I thought...guess I had it in me after all...LOL.

Thanks for all the encouragement guys. Totally fun day, and I can't wait till the Diamond shines again! :)

=-) Sharky

Jetflap said...

Onsite at 8 am, and in the air at 8:15 I was the first to fly on this most epic DH day. Limping along with my old Samsung flip phone, I do not have the i-phones that most of you guys have, so I am pretty limited in terms of getting the word out online. I usually call a few friends at launch or when I am actually in the air, and mostly rely on Frank to post up for me. Sorry for that. I guess I am going to have to join the 21st century one of these days!

Had 5 great flights with one "sleigh ride" on a botched launch. Even managed to pull off a top landing without ending up with my wing in the Kiave!

Great to meet all of the new monkeys, while getting to see the old timers as well. Definitely an awesome flying day!

Alex said...

I forgot to mention Dave's little cross country trip down to Waialae Beach Park, his second to that spot. That's becoming a habit! One day I hope to see him connect with Waialae Iki ridge and continue on to Sandys! That would be a cool flight - reversing the trip the Swiss guys made last year. I know I'll never be brave enough to fly over that part of the island, but it's fun to see what's possible - I know Dave has been plotting the route for a while now.

DaveZ said...

Congrats Sharky, love the video & the music. Aloha!