Monday, July 29, 2013

A Note from Camp Hawaii

I just received a note from our Rat Race "Camp Hawaii" hosts, with a request to post it here. They must know we won't be flying here for a few days, so we'll be in dire need of some ink. And I found this great shot to go with it! The following note comes straight from their post on Facebook:

Forrest and I have been meaning to do this for the past few weeks and I have finally had a moment to do so … I want to thank all the Hawaii pilots who stayed with us and made our first open house for Rat Race such a fun and happy time. You guys were awesome and everyone who stayed with us were just lovely to have. I loved having all of you and look forward to another year of hosting such wonderful humans. I look forward to seeing "Skyler" keep leading gaggles and no rainy days where we can truly put the pool to its limits. Stay cool, fly high and continue to be the best you can in all aspects of life and love. Til next time around the sun … Raven and Forrest Brault

Please post on Wind Lines.
I am pretty sure that I speak for all the Rat Race Hawaii pilots, and will even be so forward as to speak for our new friends that we met at your awesome home. We thank you, for opening your new place on a whim, setting up a hot shower, kitchen, tents, pool, hot tub, etc., and allowing us to crash all over your house on the last day. We would also like to thank "Motorhead" Paul for bringing down the tents as he did for a few us at the Canadian Nats last year.

It seems that all who have been touched by Hawaii seem to have the spirit of Aloha always. I am sure all our paths will cross again, but til then, may your karma points be rewarded.

Thanks again, and Aloha,

Thom and all the Camp Hawaii Rat Race residents

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Bon Bon said...

Forrest & Raven,

Mahalo nui loa for all the hospitality! You guys went all out for Camp Hawaii. We appreciate it, especially all the special care you took for me as I was sick.

A hui hou!


Bon Bon and FlyStrong