Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Friendly Skies

Twenty five pilots converged on Kahana to keep the skies there splashed with color all day on Sunday. At one point I think we had ten or twelve in the air at once. It was a fun and busy summer day out there. The beach was crowded with sun worshippers and water bugs, and pilots and family members enjoyed the show from the shady tree line on the beach as the day wore on. The sky was streaked with mares tails and just a few familiar and friendly cumulus humilis clouds.

We had the rare privilege to share the air with two of Oahu's earliest pioneers of paragliding, Jon Goldberg and Reaper, as well as some of our newest pilots, including Tyler, Jonathan, Drew and Shawn. We soared high all over the ridge, the bay and the valley, reaching close to three grand there later in the day. Many bay crossing attempts were made, and a few notable cross country flights were scored, ranging from Kualoa to Hauula and various points far offshore. Many pilots stayed late to celebrate a perfect summer day with friends and cold refreshments. Here's to more great weekend days like that one!

Roll call: Thom, Harvey, Ike, FlyStrong, Bonnie, Jim, Alex, Woody, Drew, Jonathan, Sebastian, Jon Goldberg, Larry Mac, Tyler, Reaper, Scrappy, Steve, Gaza, Allegra, Shawn, Hilo Ken, Solar Jeff, Sean and Kai, Lucho, and probably others I'm forgetting.


Gravity said...

That was a super fun day. I wish my stomach could have handled more.
At my age never trust a fart...

Thom said...

We need more days like this, Finally a summer day with everyone just having a blast.

The peanut gallery watched as you headed out to sea and seemingly never lost any altitude. When you arrived back to the ridge, we heard the few words of LarryMac,"Hey, there's something you don't see every day, the top of Alex's wing." The gallery raised a beer to skied out LarryMac. Seconds later the same voice but solemn, "That didn't last long." We all got a good laugh as not what was said but by who and how it was aired. Thanks LarryMac.

I think a contest this year would be, "Who can get the most pictures of the top of Alex's wing!!!"

Bill said...

That is the sickest offshore glider pick I've seen yet! Nice one brother. I'm leaving you my wide angle just to frame a couple more miles of coastline terrain in the shot.