Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FlyStrong Away But Not For Long

As many of you may know, FlyStrong is departing our shores for the mainland sites of Washington State. It is not by choice, which was hard for him, but purely for survival, and it is the right call for longer future flights in Hawaii! We monkeys have innate responsibilities for family gatherings, and Donna has again demanded the presence of our gaggle to meet with Flystrong on Friday July, 26, around 6:30, for a pot luck, with a kick out around 10:30.

We usually only party for victories. With his departure we feel a loss, but this man has had a life of victories: first becoming one of our best pilots, then beating the shit out of cancer, becoming a published USHPA photographer and just a damn decent individual that I am proud to call part of my family.

My mother-in-law, Carol, has her favorites, and she's a tough bird. Flystrong is one of them. Just to let you all know, if you're not on her list, don't worry, neither am I. Like I said, she is tough and apparently has taste.

Which leads me to our second loss: Bonita Hobson, aka BonBon, who is also on Grandma's list, will be accompanying Bill on his three year deployment away from us.

Yes, I know it will be hard for all of us not to have great shots taken of ourselves while he is MIA. The Tiger Mountain gang better get primped.

The loss of these two pilots even for just a moment is too much. Three years will be torture but the promise of forever after will have to be the selling point.

Again, it is a potluck, on Friday July 26, at or around 6:30 PM at my house. All fliers welcome.

Aloha Flystrong and BonBon, May You Fly High and Far, ending up on a line that sends you home to us.


Alex said...

I can't make it Friday night! :-( We have a graduation party for Dorothy's cousin's kids. If that doesn't go too late maybe we can swing by. But wherever I am I will raise a toast to our departing friends! Bill and Bonnie, we'll miss you guys, but let's stay in touch. Seattle is about as close to Hawaii as you can get. And those three years will fly by!

sandy said...

Aloha to Bill and Bonnie! John and I had some great flights at Tiger last summer, so I'm sure you both will find some great flying there, too, and will be better prepared to share the exploits with great camera skills to go with your great aerial skills.

Anonymous said...

Flystrong and Bonnie will be welcomed with open arms. Lots of great flying sites in WA. If you come over to Central WA, we will get you flying Baldy or Chelan. The two years LeeAnn and I have been here have flown by (no pun intended). We still have our same Hawaii phone numbers so no excuse not to call. -- JD

Thom said...

Thanks JD for chirping in.
We had a little party last night for them and we are hoping that you and Doug and Motorhead will make sure these two don't have much ground time.

We have declared an invasion of Washington next summer so stay tuned. Monkey invasion on Chelan is eminent.