Friday, July 26, 2013

Kahana Marathon

We had a dozen pilots at Kahana on Thursday, our first good weekday for flying. All this hot east flow has been killing us, but today the wind gods smiled on us and gave us a freaking break. Joey charged it with me early, but he charged too hard and sank out from the Crouching Lion to the beach. I flew to Mokolii and back, and then I followed Thom back to Kualoa for my second lap. Then we both flew to Punaluu to tank up and see how far we could go downrange. I got to 2,700 and milked that out to the end of Malaekahana, and Thom made it to Hukilau. It was my farthest and highest scoring flight this year at Kahana, 26 miles for 62 points, and it was my second highest score all year from any site. Thanks to Duck for the retrieve and the cold refreshments. Roll call: Joey, me, Thom, McStalker, Woody, Joe, George, Allegra, Luis, Jonathan, Harvey, Duck.

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Thom said...

Wow, Coffee read with some great pictures.

Since the Rat Race I have really been trying to learn something on every flight.

Today I tried to map thermals. By making flat turns and just staying out on the edge of the lift; starting way out front when it warranted and then following it trepidatiously all the way back over the ridge. Conclusion Thermals are NOT round. Especailly ours that merge with ridge lift.

It was fun and frustrating, especially when Alex's years of experience and the anti gravitational craft would make 2 turns and be 100' above in seconds.

Also working on different lines to get places. I shortened my 2nd trip to cross the bay and actually arrived beyond the 'grovel hole'. No rotor ride for me today, yaaa.

I had to quote LarryMac in my head, "I see the top of Alex's wing!" I smiled to myself as the echo of Larry's 2nd transmission, "Well, that didn't last long." That dialogue from Larry keeps me focused by smiling instead of getting frustrated as Alex rockets past.

I also took a deeper line when taking the infamous, 'Left Turn'. This got me to Hukilau again. I think I will get further next time.

We have some talented pilots here that we can tap for intel. A story by Swan stated how she talks to her self. Here's a shout out to you Miss Swan, oops 'Mrs.' its still Swan isn't it? I talk to myself, outloud all the time now, "Stay Focused", "Lean Harder", "Where the hell is it". "Get back in there and get some more, you big baby".

There are many more in our now long line of pilots here that have made me a better pilot, 'my solid bros'. We are always learning or at least I hope we all are and it's not just me that is still trying.

Thanks Alex, I enjoyed the one on one flight with you, as frustrating as it is to see you blast up and away. Someday I will keep the top of your wing in my sights.

It's Time To Fly, Get Your Note Book Out and Go!!!!!