Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kahana Sucks!

Kahana sucked today! It sucked twenty four pilots out there, along with family members and canine companions. It sucked seventeen into the air, and it sucked four across the bay, for two round trips to Kaaawa and two to Kualoa, and it sucked many pilots down for top landings.

It also sucked a few pilots to the beach for sled rides, and it sucked a couple of pilots down hard with launch malfunctions. Pilots were sucked out there from 8:30 to 6:30, a whopping ten hours, punctuated by two really big squall lines.

I was sucked up to cloud base (and sometimes above it) for two and a half of those hours, over the course of two fun and beautiful triangular flights, an FAI triangle and a free triangle.

Roll call: Jim, McStalker, Larry Mac, Woody, Drew, George, Jonathan, Sebastian, Thom, Joey, Reaper, Tyler, Chris, Berndt, JJ, Haley, me, JK, Alison, Bonnie, FlyStrong, Don, Harvey, Kevin.

Here's to more sucky days like this one!


Thom said...

I, personally, don't think it sucked at all.

I had my first flight ever above clouds. I have a had a cloud phobia ever since one swallowed me and sent me for a ride of my life. This time a little different could tell it was not over lifty. Staying on the edge until I was above them was really amazing. That did NOT suck.

My trip across the bay was cut short by an on coming squall, ok so that sucked. I also thought I spied a rip in the right tip, upon landing I could not find it, that did NOT suck.

So the NOT suck wins 2-1. I hope it doesn't suck again today.

Thanks for the roll call log.

Anonymous said...

What sucked was getting the gaggle to not suck all the hours of the day up getting ready to head to Kahana to get sucked up.
I guess the 17 early birds that got sucked up, didn't waste the sucky most of the day getting ready to not get sucked out of the good part of the cloud suck...