Monday, August 05, 2013

Bonafide Posse

Sometimes flying conditions warrant the attention of a large search party to explore the deeper corners of our aerial badlands. On a more average day, it's not uncommon for a small crew of self appointed air marshals to ride out on patrol, but on a day like yesterday at Kahana, as conditions changed from good to epic, we needed to muster the troops for a serious mission. Twenty pilots milled around the local haunts for a few hours before sending out a party of seven intrepid lawmen to scour the downrange skies for outlaws and bandits. We were a bonafide posse!

We didn't find any bandits, but we enjoyed some rough bronco rides to cloudbase, and we blazed some really interesting trails to a variety of landing spots, from Hauula to Malaekahana. Thanks to Divot for bringing the wagon around to pick us all up. We made it back to camp with plenty of time to spare for tall tales and moonshine.

By the way, I should mention that there's a new Sherrif in town. Goes by the unlikely name of Gimli. He's a gruff, angry, axe-swinging son of a gun, and you'd better not cross him.

My flight is here. JK's is here. I didn't take any photos, so all I could get was a still frame from the video to use as the headline shot above. Thanks to JK for the story title. Thanks again to Divot for the retrieve!

Roll call: JK, me, Thom, Woody, Drew, Allegra, Sebastian, Jonathan, Bryce, New Steve, McStalker, Solar Jeff, Calgary Simon, Divot Steve, Scrappy, Gaza, Ginny, George, Bonnie.


sandy said...

Still out on injured reserve for awhile ... thanks for the well spun yarn. Interest piqued over the Gimli character ...

Alex said...

I totally forgot to mentionthe most important milestones of the day: first soaring flights for both Jonathan and Sebastian on the same day! Congrats to you both!

JK said...

Great round up, good times lassoing thermals and corralling ridge lift. There were a few missing from the Kahana Gang, but days like this should flush 'em out of the saloons & parlors. Ride 'em hard and herd 'em north! Thanks for the recap, partner.