Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cross Country Daze

This is the longest streak of consecutive cross country flying days I can remember in a long while. We're almost four weeks into it. Some of those days have been epic record breakers, and some of have been a bit marginal, but we've made them all work. I've missed a few days, being out of town, or busy with kids or work, but I feel lucky to have covered some miles on most of those days. And a little dazed and exhausted. But I'm not complaining! Here's to extending the streak one more day! Or two, or seven!

Today, as usual, a bunch of people flew Makapuu, and others flew Kahana. At Kahana we were watching out for squalls and enjoying the light wind, though the cloudbase wasn't very high, maybe a little over two grand. I followed Woody, Sebastian, and Kevin into the sunny skies. I blazed out early to Kualoa, and hung out there a while soaking up the views.

But then I realized something was coming that was going to soak me pretty seriously! A huge wall of cumulonimbus clouds just exploded offshore, and started lumbering toward me. The best escape was to the east, so I set a course for Waiahole and landed at MDKS. Thanks to McStalker for the retrieve! When I got back, Jeff and Duck hiked up and joined the fun, as did Scrappy and Shawn. Duck crossed the bay and headed for Kualoa as I was leaving. Sweet! Also great to see Bryce out kiting on the beach.

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