Monday, September 09, 2013

Exploring the Valley

We like the peaks. They're our natural comfort zone. And it's pretty obvious how to work them. But sometimes it can be a lot of fun going down to explore the valley. I know the valley can be scary and mysterious but it's worth the effort to explore and figure out which parts work best.

On Friday, Jorge, Ike and I had some exciting moments out over Waimanalo Valley. The peaks of Puu O Kona and Greenwalls were enshrouded in mist for much of the day, and the clouds were quite energetic. Many of the valley thermals were snotty and mean, but we encountered a few sweet strong ones that led us up to heaven a few times over. Mike Benson blazed a trail to the peaks of Olomana, and Jorge and I were tempted to follow, but we turned back halfway because we didn't like the air as we approached. Plus it turns out Mike was stuck there for almost an hour trying to get a ride back up to cloud base before returning to Makapuu. The late shift included Doug and Joey on tandems, Thom, Frank, Alison, Five-0 Mike, Goto, Tim, Ginny, and Johnimo.


Thom said...

JJ jameson very happy this a.m. 3 stories, Short but sweet.

Valley's were calm and buoyant by the time I headed down that way. The cloud base just got to thick and too low so headed back to MPU.

The way our weather is changing it's making us explore all kinds of new lines.

Now off to story number 2

Alex said...

I humbly and sincerely apologize for the puerile metaphors in the first paragraph of this story. Just trying to inject some humor into an otherwise humorless tale. If anyone is offended..I suggest you chime in with a story of your own!

Thom said...

I was not offended but I am NOW I had to look up the word puerile. The word childlike may have sufficed and saved me the anguish of being so illiterate.

Argh. If you keep this up we will make you scribe the much needed Woody Dictionary