Monday, September 09, 2013

Cloudbase Caper

A small crew flew a sweet late afternoon session at Kahana on Saturday: me, Woody, Jonathan and George. I got to 2,800 feet above an 1,800 foot cloudbase and on my second try I crossed the bay to Kualoa, half expecting to spot Alaska Jack and Jorge blazing out of the mist on their big guns all the way from Makapuu. It was certainly a gorgeous day to get high above the clouds. I considered heading downrange towards Hauula until I heard from Duck that there was a helicopter rescue going on for some hikers down there.

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Thom said...

I had to work this whole day missed out on this cloud flight and missed out on Maile's first Surf comp.

No wonder we have W**k as a four letter BAD word.

One more story and another cup of coffee.