Monday, September 09, 2013

Wing Men

A dozen pilots enjoyed yet another super east day at Kahana under a low cloud base on Sunday. It was great to see One-eye Jim back from Maine, and JK and Scrappy back from France, and it was also great to see Kevin and Shawn and Kamran who have all been MIA for a while.

Gaza, Thom, Scrappy and I topped out at 2,700 feet, high above the clouds over Puu Piei. Then Gaza, Thom and I burned downrange to see if we could outrun a huge dark bottomed cloud bank, while Scrappy stayed local to watch over Shawn. I actually tried to milk the cloud bank for a return trip to Kahana before JK reported precip over Rhino. That was all I needed to hear, and I turned back to join the guys in Hauula. Thanks to Jim for the retrieve! It was also great to see Jonathan, Sebastian, and Bryce flying and kiting. Keep up the good work, everybody!

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Thom said...

Wish I had a better camera maybe even an IPhone........NOT. The views above these clouds was amazing and to have four of us boating around on top was amazing.

I will definitely start working on taking my camera out during these little trips. The way the weather patterns are molding we may have more of these scenes to come.

Thanks for all 3 Roll Call write ups. Makes for a better Monday start. Espectially one that I have to work the whole day!!! ugh.