Saturday, September 21, 2013

High and Low

Ten pilots flew many hours and miles from Kahana on Thursday, with a quartet making it to Kualoa, including Joey for a very happy birthday flight in his new pod harness. After a false start was aborted by a squall, we took our soggy gear to the air and crossed the bay. Conditions got super light and we had to really scratch low at Hidden Valley, but all four of us got up and over to Kualoa, just in time for a thick low cloud bank to shoo us back to Kahana.

It was a rare day without kid pickups for me, so while I was a bit sad to see the other guys landing early, I took advantage of the clearing clouds and strengthening lift to add a full chronic triangle to that initial loop, climbing as high as 2,800 feet and connecting dots from Mokolii to Punaluu. I had hoped this might be a day to tag the Pyramid, but the wind strength and cloud base weren't really in the zone for that mission. Finally, after four hours and twenty miles, I figured my wing must be dry, and I brought her down to the LZ. I even managed to swoop down and brush my hand over the sand just before landing, a fun little stunt I've finally started to figure out.

Happy Birthday to Joey! Great to see everyone out there: Joey, Allegra, Woody, Steve, Thom, Ike, the other Steve, Larry Mac, and Drew.

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Thom said...

Thanks for the read. I will be missing today's chase for an Archery Comp. with Miss Kalei.

Joey's new harness if anyone is wondering is the Woody Valley GTO XAlps. My opinion the best of the light weight pods with seat board.

Speaking of light, mine was not too light this day. After repacking my ruck sack and a few other items I used to ward of the rain, it was heavy.
My wing and harness were dy but that was it everything else was wet. Worse thing is I have a great rain cover from VIPJayson and it was sitting in my truck. "It's going to be light, don't want the extra weight." A little more than a trash bag, wish I brought it.

The flight was great, soaring with Ike before he leaves again, Joey for his birthday and of course the Prez who finally got some company on his every day walk across the bay.

Again I played with speed bar and rear riser controls. Seems to be working better each flight.