Monday, September 23, 2013

Second Quarterly Trashtacular and Fly-In: Thank You!

First, I want to thank all that showed up for Joey's Birthday party the night before. Of course, that put a scotch delay on starting the cleanup. Second, to the crew that showed up for the cleanup: Big Mahalo. I am not sure why, but we seem to get a really big turnout for these trash pickups. Oh, I get it, the word trash … you all thought you were going to a 'get trashed party'. Well, whatever it takes, but I think a few of us did accomplish that the night before.

Roll call for our 2nd quarterly highway cleanup: Reaper, Annette, Tyler, Woody, MauiJJ, ShawnC, Alex, James (aka Speck), Duck, Ginger, Allegra, Mike5-0, Ces, McStalker, Gaza, ScottyG, Alison, Fireman Dave, Brazilian Ray, TommyRD, Serena, Johnimo, SandyJune, Don Tomitch and his kids, and Sidehill. If I forgot you on this list please chirp in on the comments. I was just a bit fuzzy that morning.

Later, all and then some were rewarded with great flights at Kahana. But this story is not about the flying. It's an acknowledgement for a job well done. Thanks again. I am sure that JJ Jameson is putting pressure on Alex to get the flying story up, but a celebratory large Torpedo may have delayed that ink.

We would like to schedule one more highway cleanup before year end in December. I know you'll all be getting 'trashed' at Christmas parties but the walk and the get together will do us all good. We are still planning our year end meeting for November so stay tuned.

It's Time to Fly … you deserved it … Get Your Gear and Go!!!!!

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Thom said...

I am still at awe how good a writer Sidehill really is..........must be the wined editor.

Thanks Alex. My job at the Daily Bugle is just too time consuming to be re-rendering the banana briefs of these monkeys. You think you've got it bad with monkeys, try Spiders.

Thanks to all, for your tireless effort to keep our island clean,

JJ Jameson