Sunday, October 13, 2013

Makapuu Mayhem

Over forty pilots swarmed to Makapuu today, and over half that number flew in very light leeside sea breeze conditions. The high cirrus cloud cover didn't slow down the development very much, and eventually it rained over Olomana and points west, and the sea breeze slacked off to a barely noticeable draft.

But not before Jorge tagged Lanikai and started on his way back. Thanks to Paul for picking him up! Brett contented himself with a tour of Greenwalls, and James and I stopped short of a cloud soaked Puu O Kona. Super fun thermaling with you guys!

As the sea breeze slackened, pilots began to fall out of the sky. Poor Oregon Ryan launched and sank out into the drink short of the beach below Manics, and some snorkelers and the lifeguard helped him out. Some of our pilots headed over to help but there appeared to be plenty of people handling it. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to buy the lifeguards a cold refreshing thank you gift.

Then there was the landing zone. Some of the landings were pretty, and some not so much. As the wind got lighter, the approaches got crazier. Thanks to everyone for the entertaining and educational show.

Roll call: Gaza, Laurel, Scotty, Airborne Ken, Rich, TommyRD, Hilo Ken, Sam Nottage, Goto, Mike Benson, Ginny, Sharky, Alex, James, Brett, Jorge, Thom, Woody, Drew, Jonathan, George, Steve, Ivan, Stefan, Johnimo, Oregon Ryan, Paul, Wayne, McStalker, Frank, Five-0 Mike, Jim, Kaaawa Larry, Roland, Joey, Doug, BC Mike, Scot, Harvey, JJ, Shawn, and others I didn't see or just plain forgot.


Thom said...

Great Video, I know the landings were more intensely poor than the video portrayed. Being as I was one of the Mayhem, I appreciate the camera's inability to record the follies in true form.

This is gotta be a record for the number of pilots gaggled in one area on this island.

Hopefully today we can improve upon the landings but may it be after a much longer least for me.

It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go!!!

Geronimo John said...

A fun day it was even if the flights were not as long as we would have preferred. It was a great learning day for many of us. We saw, short landings, ballet dancer landings, butt bouncing landings, tumblers showing off their agile skills, long landings, out landings, glider draping landings, draping the President landings and more.

Best part was no injuries and smiles copious beverages all the way around. Yes, a good learning day for many of us.

I think that we can safely say we were not flying in Kindergarten air.