Saturday, October 12, 2013


At least thirty pilots flocked to Makapuu to participate in a rare spectacle of perfect soaring conditions. We had twenty in the air at once by some counts. At least five had their first Makapuu flights. Many top landed near the lookout. Four of us flew downrange to various points and back, despite a pretty low cloud base. The rest of the island was exploding under towering cumulonimbus clouds and rain, but we were sunny and dry and happy on the easternmost tip of the island.

Roll call: Fireman Dave, Frank, TommyRD, Jorge, Five-0 Mike, Alex, Allegra, Woody, Sebastian, George, Jonathan, Jon Goldberg, Drew, Steve, Roland, Paul, Wayne, Thom, Sharky, Jim, Five Cent, Veso, Petar, Stefan, Ivan, Ivan, Woodrat Sam and Ryan, McStalker, Mike Benson, Goto, Tim.

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