Friday, October 11, 2013

Visitor Count on the Rise

Guy Hagi woke me this morning as our TV had been set as an alarm. He delivered his typical doom and gloom weather report, warning anyone north of Kaneohe to build an Arc to escape the pending flash floods. I flipped the channel to avoid his negativity, only to see the bearded face of Howard Dicus reporting the rising visitor count here in Hawaii. No kidding! Our paragliding visitor count is up too!!

I think we should have our own news station for weather, upcoming events, daily happenings and visitor counts. Maybe just add a visitor ticker to the top of the chat box. We can watch it go up and down and have running totals.

We are lucky to have so many visitors come to our little island and really enjoy it. Right now we have the Red Bull pilots and their entourage, which will be growing as days for filming come closer. They have just been warming up and getting used to our air, and as far as I can tell by their smiles, they're loving it.

Wednesday was another double dip for the Red Bull-garians, starting off at Kahana and then switching to Makapuu. Also on the double dip trail was Motorhead Paul and his buddy Wayne. Now, there is another visitor that we have to keep an eye on. He is just over 70 and going strong … a double dip even. He was pretty happy, and he's a testament to how much further we can go in this sport … timewise that is. Keep going, Wayne! You're adding years to the shelf life of all of us.

Makapuu had some potential yesterday, but the locals stayed local. The Red Bull Army stayed true to their adrenalin induced lives. They flew below me at Iron Woods in their Acro wings and kept going. I shook my head and said, good luck, that will be a one way trip. They ended up landing at Waimanalo Elementary. And with a retrieve from one of Woody's new aces, Sebastian, they got back to the LZ with big smiles. They said, we are so lucky that we fly in such beauty every day. Side note: Wayne said the beauty on the beaches is pretty good too, but that's another story.

Oh, the visitor count: we have Mike Sadan in from Canada, the Red Bull crew which needs a count of its own, Wayne from Seattle, Motorhead doesn't really count as a visitor, Brett Hazlett en route Saturday to try to cap Josh's record, Markus and Tanja from Germany cruising over to the Big Island, and I am sure there are others.

Most all our monkeys are back in town: Roland was flying yesterday, James is back, Ike will be back from the Big Island this weekend, and as for Reaper, well, the good news there is, Kalei has not called me for bail money, yet! They will be back Thursdayish.

Over 16 flew at Makapuu. I arrived very late, 3:45 or so, and on the LZ when I landed, 15 was the count folding up, but I knew a few had left already. Maui Doug, Jorge, Five-0 Mike, Franky, TommyRD, Fireman Dave, Joey, Sidehill, Motorhead, Wayne, Roland, Veso, Petar, Ivan, Stefan and Woodrat Sam. Oh and Sebastian, who did not fly but was an integral part of the monkey mania. If I forgot or did not see you there today please chirp in so we can keep our totals correct.

It's Time To Fly, Get Your Gear, Drink Your Red Bull and Go like Crazy!

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