Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 Year End Report

First, thanks to all who showed up for the year end meeting. This is just a briefing on the events of the meeting. Please comment if something or someone is forgotten. Thanks.

The Awards were:

Albatross - HG Pilot Dave Goto
Iwa Bird - XC pilot: Thom 'Sidehill' with mention of Josh's real flight.
Io - Speed Flier Gage Galle (also present: North Shore Brian).
Bird of Paradise - woman pilot we all love: Allegra has been flying a lot this year as well as Allison, good job.
Fledgling - best new pilot: Steven Wright. Woody actually passed a class of five, proudly known as the Fab Five.
Mother Hen - Best Instructor: Woody Edwards. Thanks Woody for increasing our numbers with the Fab Five and improving several other pilots as well.
Tropic Bird - Acro: Nova Dasalla. We have Nova as an almost full time member of HPA but he needs to get on the list below
Duck Award - Retriever: John 'Duck' Mallard (again). Gas donations will be forced upon him this year again.
Love Birds - PG couple: Gary 'Gaza' and Laurel 'Swan'. Their wedding was awesome with 4 pilots landing at the site.
Kolea - Frequent Visitor: Paul 'MotorHead' Kunzl. He's just like always here. Thanks Pat for kicking him over to us so often and we are glad to have you here any time as well.
Malolo - Splash Water Landing: Steve 'Divot' Philips. Roland was not present and we had to pick on someone. I would get the stories on these two directly from them.
Hawaiian Frequent Flier - Alex Colby. Possibly a US contender for most hours and flights. His wing is over in hours immensely.
Wood Pecker - Tree Landing: John 'Johnimo' Russell. (He actually took out the tree. So, if you see trees swaying it may not be too windy but just means that John is flying and they are ducking.


We collected $620.00 in membership fees and obtained $120.00 cash and 3 checks that are so old we destroyed from Alex as well as $140.00 towards the carpet at MPU. Total deposit: $880.00

We are looking for the tandem pilots as well as the frequent fliers at MPU to chip in some if you have not already. Dave paid $800.00 in materials of which I have the receipts. A check was written to Dave for this amount per unanimous show of hands at meeting.

Carpet Contributors: Raimar, Duck, Joey, Scrappy, John Russell, Frank, Thom.

Membership Renewals: Woody, 5-0, Reaper, Tyler, JK, Jorge, NorthShore Brian, Ike, AllanC, Raimir, Divot, Jonathan, Gage, Duck, Alex, Colin, Alegra, George, Drew, Steve W., Joey, Scrappy, Maui Doug, Johnimo, SandyJune, Sharky, Berndt, MotorHead, FiremanDave, AwolFrank, Sidehill.

If your name is not on the membership list I will be looking forward to seeing you later this year.

Board Members:

Raimar has stepped down due to work load, new house and Miss Lilly.

Election Results:

Alex Colby
Dave Taratko
John Mallard
Thom Therrien
Jeff McCloud

Positions to be determined at next board meeting but I am sure it's predetermined. Welcome to your life sentence, Jeff. Whoever draws the short straw gets Secretary, and the other gets member at large.

We did talk about permits for state and city parks, for training purposes, and more will come of this as time goes on. Kualoa is still off limits for any aviation activity.

Re-permit for Nanakuli is in the works.

Adopt a Highway successful. Next pick up while Obama is here, nothing else to do.

2014 XC League will be intorduced for local XC expeditions. For more info on this, contact Thom. Members of 2014 League so far: Alex, Thom, JK, Joey, Allan, Duck. I think. You must have a Leonardo account and a downloadable GPS.

Obama dates are not defined as of yet, but all be forewarned he is coming during Christmas break.

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