Friday, November 22, 2013


Fifteen pilots hiked the knob to fly at Kaena Point today, most launching there for the first time. Later on, Brian joined us after launching his mini wing from Kealia. Conditions were post frontal and north, growing stronger as the day wore on, with occasional low cloud banks and squalls making things interesting.

We couldn't really push the XC boundaries because of the wind strength and the low clouds, but we enjoyed a couple of sweet sessions of flying between the drop zone and the point. Visitors entertained us with acrobatics and sailplanes soared around us easily in the strong ridge lift.

Our new launch spot acquitted itself with aplomb. Not sure we can say the same about all our pilots! Although I think everyone found the launches either educational or entertaining or both. I'm super excited to have a new launch out there that will work in a variety of conditions and directions, but I guess I have to admit it isn't as easy for everyone as I'd hoped. And the hike is not long, but it's steep and grueling. It's twenty minutes of unrelenting exertion. Hiking up twice was a heroic challenge.

I got video from the first flight and pictures from the second. If anyone else has video or pictures, let me know and I'll include them here.

Roll call: Allegra, Ike, Thom, Drew, Charlie, Gary, Garrett, Joey, Woody, me, Gaza, Scot, Paul, Kauai Bob, Brazilian Alex, the Dude.


Thom said...

'The Dude' exactly who is this?

The hike is grueling, and long 32 minutes for me but had to rest part way due to failing ankle.

The launch was very cross and sctrong by the time I got up there. Gaza made attempts to launch after a squall with rowdy air. he said "3 strikes, I'm out" he hiked down, running late for kid pick up. Kauai Bob, Garrett, Gary and MotorHead went before me. I was the last to launch on this wave before the greedy seconds group showed up.

Colorado Charlie assisted just about every one and decided to hike down after witnessing some botched and interesting launches. Thanks Charlie.

Also while waiting Charlie rid the Knob of many stumpy protrusions. Now, that doesn't sound right, Thanks Again.

Brazilian Alex said...

Nice video Alex!