Monday, November 11, 2013

Beautiful Day

Low cloud bases have been dampening our cross country ambitions lately. For most of us, anyway. But sometimes there is an unexpected consolation to be found when we stay relatively local on days like this.

It might be the sun's halo outlining our shadow as we fly over an orographic cloud bank, or the view back from an unexpectedly buoyant glide to a distant vantage point beyond our nearshore islets, or it might just be the sight of our friends frolicking in the bounteous lift all around us. It all adds up to a beautiful day. Here's to more like this one!

Fifteen pilots frolicked at Makapuu on Friday, as the sea breeze gave way to the returning trade winds, and while we didn't venture farther than Greenwalls, we shared some rare and glorious perspectives. It was great to see Nova, Kevin, TommyRD, Thom, Johnimo, Jorge, Doug, Frank, Sebastian, Allan, Five Cent Dave, Sharky, McStalker, and Monterey Jeff. Many of us felt lucky to sneak in one last chance to charge up our flying batteries, in anticipation of a wintery weekend on the ground.

Thanks to Frank for driving back to the LZ to grab my radio after I'd hooked in at Manics! And thanks to Thom for the delicious cold refreshments. Not to mention the Balvenie 12 later on. Now that's some preparation for winter weather!


Anonymous said...

Love the video!
Love, Shyla

Thom said...

Got there late, ended up on launch patrol for a visitor, Kevin demoing the Delta2 and then Stalker.

Sharing some bevs with the gang just had to do for this day.

I did suffer slightly the next for the dip into the scotch though....oops.

Here's to more days. Love the vid.